Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pink Wednesday: ORLY Sterling Silver Rose!

Hey all!!  Back from PA and my interview went well! I actually got a preliminary job offer from another place like 5 minutes before my interview, hah!  I took it, too...I have to pass all these tests before their "official" offer, but it's a slight ego booster to even get the preliminary.  Hopefully that means I'm not jobless after I graduate!

I was going to do a lovely Milani color this week, but it looks like the same peachy pinks I've been doing so I went with ORLY's Sterling Silver Rose!

This polish I have is a few years old, I probably should've added a bit of nail polish remover to it to thin it down, but it looked okay when I opened it.  It also went on smooth, but I think next time I use it I WILL add a few drops 'cause the final product is a bit thick for me, especially when I only used 2 coats!

Indoor, window lighting

These are all by the window, actually

My boyfriend is growing Basil in the background...

So it went on well for only 2 coats, if you were in a hurry you could probably get away with one, which is grounds for an awesome polish for me.  It's very pink and shiny by itself, but I added a top coat 'cause I'm gonna wear this one at least until tomorrow. 

You can see from the middle picture it's a little thick and you can see the ridges of my nail through it.  It's still pretty, though.  Also, I've been having a bit of an issue lately with the sides of my nail on my ring finger and middle's kind of like hard skin there and it won't smooth out with cuticle cream or lotion.  Any tips, ladies??

Welllll hopefully it'll brighten up this weekend, I may do some swatching, but it's still rainy and shitty here for the third week in a row!  Hope your week is going well lovelies :)

<3 Whitney