Monday, May 30, 2011

Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trios Review! Picture Heavy!

Okay SO let me show you the past two hauls I've gotten since my Giveaway Haul.  Let's not discuss the money aspect of it...

Five Below Haul #1 
Okay one of the girls from the Polish-Aholics Anonymous Facebook group requested some of the Funky Fingers polishes, so I went out and got those for her and picked up this stuff while I was out!  Two Art Club polishes in white and red to attempt art with, Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby (teal holo glitter), Funky Fingers Sand & Stilettos (Silver holo glitter), Funky Fingers Golden Coast (gold holo glitter), and Funky Fingers Down to Earth (Gold Metal).  All those along with three of the Wet n Wild eye shadow trios Don't Steal My Thunder, I Got Good Jeans, and Spoiled Brat. 

Five Below and Ulta Haul #2
On Saturday I went back to Five Below and picked up three more of the Funky Fingers Holo Glitters (Baby Baby Baby, Sand & Stilettos, and Golden Coast), for swaps (Seriously guys, check my swap list if you want to trade for any/all of these).  And I also finally picked up ORLY Out of This World and OPI DS Reserve!  AH.  They're both so awesome.  DS Reserve will be my Pink Wednesday post this week.  It's gorgeous. 

I guess I should also mention I chipped off my blue ruffian before Memorial Day so I didn't add anything to it, but it's all gravy.  What I'm here to talk about today is eye shadows!  I've tried two of the Wet n Wild trios so far: Walking on Eggshells (from Giveaway haul) and I Got Good Jeans!  There are a shit ton of pictures of these, just a warning :)

Walking On Eggshells

Beige and Brown Trio (This is the product picture from google)
Here's mine...already been used :)

Swatched on my hand...this is also outdoor sunny lighting!

Before the application pics I just want to say that I really loved this trio when I saw it in the store.  Initially I heard about these at Nouveau Cheap, although the one that I really wanted that she swatched was Go for the Gold, so I'm still on the lookout for that one!  But this one is still very pretty, too.  It's pretty subtle and natural so this is what I've been wearing for my everyday look since I got it.

Both eyes



Closed again
Now I'm not super great at putting on eye shadow.  I have tried every type of brush but I still have a hard time blending!  Do you guys have any brush recommendations?  Honestly, for both sets of trios I've just been using the brushes it came with because I don't see a point in anything else since they all work about the same for me.  I'm willing to try anything new, though!  These colors all work really well and blend together nicely, though, which is why after buying this one, I went out and bought three more :)  And they're only $2.99!!

Anyway, in the pics above I have it pictures with Lorac liquid eyeliner and a combination of mascaras...I think probably Buxom Mascara and Maybelline Define a Lash Waterproof in Black.  They were taken inside, but next to the window so it's like half outdoor lighting.  I really like this for everyday wear!

I Got Good Jeans
Also, I went OUT the other night and decided to try I Got Good Jeans since the colors matched the shirt I was wearing, hah!  I liked how it turned out a lot, but its not something I think I would wear during the day time.  Also, sorry all of these pictures are inside with bathroom lighting or the flash since it was dark when I got ready :)

Wooo look at that dark blue.

Swatched on my arm...outside!



Flash to see the sheen

I can't keep my eyes open during a flash lol

Bathroom lighting

Different angle
Anywho--like I said, I like this and didn't have a hard time blending the dark blue in, which was good 'cause I wasn't tryin to look like a skank or anything.  The light blue brow bone shadow was a little TOO blue and I tried to wipe most of it off.  It's a lighter shade but it still gave off a barbie look I wasn't going for.  This color was also paired with the Lorac liner and same mascaras as the other one.

Overall I totally think these trios are worth the $3 you pay for them!  You can get Wet n Wild at pretty much any drug store and I found a ton of them at Five Below!  I'm hesitant to try the last two I bought 'cause they're not really "me" so it'll probably be a while before I test those out :)  I like that they come with a duster brush and a sponge applicator!  Like I said, those are the brushes I've been using 'cause I'm lazy and am not very good at makeup either way!

Let me know if you've tried either of these or are planning on it!  Hope you all had a super great weekend ;)

<3 Whitney

P.S. I also just noticed, but let's ignore the state of my eyebrows at this time! k thanks :)