Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone for Lorac Liquid Eyeliner!

Hey all.  I told you all a while ago that I won Tracy at Beauty Reflections' giveaway!

Wellll one of the items I won was Lorac's Front of the Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner in black:
Photo from Sephora
So I haven't worn liquid eyeliner in years but it was in such a fancy shmancy container that I was super excited to try it.  Marketing works I suppose.

Wooo lookin' a little cross eyed in this picture hah
It went on very smooth but let me tell you, once it's on and dried, which it does so quickly, you can not get it off.  So you need to be super patient when putting it on and try not to get in places you don't want it.

Ignore my spidery looking eyelashes

Overall I think it changed my opinion of liquid eyeliner.  I never used it because I thought it was too much and smudgy and yuck, but I really liked this.  The formula is great and stayed on all day!  It went on so easy and in a super thin line.  I think for night time it would be perfect but for day time it was a little dark.  My hair is light brown/blonde as are my eyebrows so the black was so dark for me I actually had to darken my brows the day I tried it!  However, I would love to try the brown!

This liner runs for around $22 at Sephora and on Lorac's website.  That's a little steep for eye liner, I have a hard time paying $13 for my BE powdered liner, but then again up until a year or so ago I'm used to spending ~$5 on cheap pencil liners! 

Have you tried Lorac or are you against liquids like I was?  Let me know!

<3 Whit

PS...super excited to participate in Pink Wednesday tomorrow :)