Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

Hey all.  Just a quick update, I'm really busy today, but if you didn't know...Zoya is having a nail polish exchange for Earth day!

What they're doing is letting you trade in 6-24 of your old polishes (non-Zoya brand) that you would normally have thrown away for brand new Zoya polishes for only $4, which includes shipping and handling! That's a great price since you'd normally have to pay ~$8 for a Zoya polish and then more for shipping, so I'd take advantage of this deal if you guys have old polishes you don't want!  They are promising to dispose of your old polishes in an environmentally friendly way, which is also awesome!

I was hesitant at first because the minimum amount for exchange is 6 and I actually just trashed 2 old polishes (whoops), so I'll have to scour my parents house for another couple that my mom doesn't want, but I just placed my order today--I got the whole Zoya Sunshine Collection!  So go here and check it out and take advantage of it while it lasts (only til 4/27!).

ALSO can I just say how excited I am for OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean Collection?  

Ah!  Does anyone know the exact release day?  I know it's sometime in May.  I desperately want to try the whole collection.  I want silver shatter more than anything, though.  Check out Nail Polish Obsession for more details on each color if you haven't seen them yet.  Love!