Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ughhh Teeth...Rembrandt Teeth Whitener

Good day lovelies!  I'm taking a quick break from my thesis to give you all this update.  In between writing this morning I decided to try this whitening kit my mom gave me a while back.  It's Rembrandt's 2-Hour Whitening kit:

Now let's get something straight.  I hate teeth.  I hate watching people eat.  I hate people touching my teeth.  I hate it when dentists put those stupid giant teeth mold trays in my mouth along with all of their devil pointy tools.  My horrible 5+ year stint with a pallet expander and braces might have something to do with my hatred of teeth.

Despite all the work I've had done, I didn't keep up with that dumb retainer they gave me and now my teeth are all out of whack again and they're the thing I dislike most about myself.  I plan on getting Invisiline or something similar when I have a real job and can pay for it.

Anyway just because my teeth are ugly doesn't mean that I shouldn't try to keep them as white as possible.  I decided to pass up teeth whitening strips and jump head first into something I know I don't like: teeth trays!  I don't know if that's the scientific term, but here's what the kit looks like so you can see what I mean:

Image from Akron Ohio Moms website
It comes with two trays, one for you upper teeth and one for your bottom teeth.  What you do is heat these trays for a few seconds in hot water and then shove them in your mouth for 30 seconds to mold them to your teeth.  Peachy.  Then you cut off those weird tab deals so they sit in your mouth "comfortably."  I say that with quotes because foreign objects that surround your teeth are in no way comfortable, regardless if there are rubbery tabs sticking out of your mouth or not.

So what you do is take one of those little gel tubes as seen in the photo and spread a thin line of gel in each tray and wear them in intervals.  Twenty minutes of wearing both trays combined with 10 minutes of break time in between results in 2 hours of whitening fun!

And by fun I mean you spend 80 minutes of your day drooling uncontrollably.  Weee!  Needless to say I did this whilst The Boyfriend was out for the day.  Unfortunately for me I've got this weird issue with my jaw where it doesn't really line up properly so forcing my jaw in the direction needed to hold the trays in my mouth was painful and gave me a headache.  I followed the directions pretty well and didn't have any sensitivity side effects, though, which was a plus because I thought for sure I would.

Anyway, here are the before/after pics:

As you can see, there's not a ton of difference.  If you look close you can see the bit of yellow stains I had on my teeth beforehand were removed.  I think in person you can tell a lot better than with pictures.  Beforehand I thought my teeth were a lot yellower than what the picture shows and the after picture shows a decent image of how they look now.  Not a drastic change, but then again I don't drink coffee or anything and brush/floss 2+ times a day so they weren't super yellow to begin with.  My change was not anything drastic like the before and after pictures I've seen online.

Overall, for around ~$20 bucks I don't think it's too bad of a product.  I know some of the other whitening kits are more than double that, and going to the dentist is even more.  If you're an avid coffee or soda drinker, or even a smoker, I think this would be a cheap whitening kit to try out!  It won't get you perfect sparkling white teeth, but it'll definitely lighten them a few shades in just a few hours.

Like I said, I hate teeth and hate teeth trays, but aside from having to wipe my mouth of drool every couple of minutes I was able to keep myself occupied while I had them in so it wasn't a completely awful experience. 

Have you tried these or any other kind of teeth whitener?  Let me know!