Monday, April 4, 2011

"It's Possible" from Nicole by OPI

I'm posting from a lovely hotel in Tennessee today!  The weather is much nicer here than it is in Ohio, so I'm pretty excited to be here.  I'm interviewing for jobs...third one in two weeks, I'm hoping I get an offer from one of them!

Anyway, since I didn't have anything to do last night after dinner I decided to run to the store near my hotel and get some nail polish and do my nails for my interview.  Unfortunately that store was Walmart and they didn't even have a normal OPI polish section.  They did, however, have some Nicole by OPI but it was very small and I didn't really see any of the spring collection there.  Well, okay, I lied, they had a few...specifically these three:

Brilliant Idea, Iceberg Lotus, and Nicole's Nickel

Now, these aren't exactly {engineering} interview appropriate.  Nor is this little gem by Essie I desperately wanted:
Watermelon--isn't it awesome?
So I had to choose something a little more subtle.  I went with "It's Possible" from Nicole by OPI.  Even though it's not by any means a newer color, I'd never tried it before, and it looked like a fun spin on a neutral color.  Not to mention it had a positive name and I thought I could use the motto for this interview.

It's Possible
The bottle makes it look like a metallic rose, but really it's actually more of a shiny bronze .  I thought it would go on a little more transparent, but I was mistaken.  The photo is in hotel bathroom lighting which is actually pretty similar to how it looks outside. 

Ignore my stubby nails and lazy polish application :)
This next image is how the color looks in indoor lighting.  I really don't see how they could assume this color is anything remotely close to a rose because it looks very brown to me.  I guess I chose a good color because the bronze compliments my brown suit quite nicely!
Indoor lighting
Overall I am pretty satisfied with the color although I'm not used to wearing such metallic colors so it would've been nice if it was a little more transparent.  The images above show my nails with two coats of polish and honestly, the opacity didn't change too much with the application of a second coat.  I probably didn't really need it but it's habit and I messed up my right hand a bit and needed to cover it up!

I guess I should mention, if you don't already know, that Nicole by OPI has a new applicator brush.  It is really different and I'm not sure if I like it.  It's much wider and rounded than normal which I guess is supposed to make application easier.  However my nails aren't very wide so I had trouble keeping polish away from the edges. 

This was a bigger problem than normal because I also had issues with a lot of polish coming off of the sides of the rounded brush and ending up very thick near the edges of my nails as well.  Since I'm out of town I didn't have my supplies to sufficiently fix that problem, so it was a little frustrating.  If your nails are wider, this would probably be beneficial to you.  I've also found that the flatter brushes also tend to leak more polish onto your nails if you don't apply fast enough. 

If you're into metallic shades or get too impatient to apply second coats of nail polish, I would definitely recommend this!  Overall I really like the color and I plan on keeping it on for a few more days.  If you've tried this, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it!

Have a great day!!