Monday, April 25, 2011

Nail Fail: Entourage

Hey everyone.  I added a new social media bar to my sidebar on the right!  I had to geek out and pick Erlenmeyer flash icons haha.  It actually took me quite a while, too...not really sure why!

BUT if you didn't notice on that bar, I've created a Facebook page for Elemental Styles! So feel free to check it out and "like" it if you want!

Also today I thought I'd try out China Glaze Entourage.  I had, what I thought to be, a cute idea: I was going to do an Entourage base coat, throw some silver glitter on top and try a black shatter french tip...did NOT work out.  The glitter was too concentrated and I got impatient and added the shatter before it was all dried and it didn't crackle.  Whoops.

SO luckily I took a quick pic of the color before I ruined it:

I am not a fan even by itself.  The formula was okay, but this is three coats and you can still see nail line.  I also just don't think I like green nail polish.  At least not this light, bright green.  Maybe I'll save it for Xmas and St. Patty's Day...

Also, Fiona at Ha Bisky! Nails told me this color stained real bad, but I thought I'd be okay with a base coat.  Nope.  It was only on 10 or 15 minutes before I took it off and it yellowed the heck out of my nails and skin.  Boo.

I probably won't be wearing this again anytime soon unless it's to attempt nail art.  What'd you guys think?  Have you tried it?

<3 Whit

PS--may not have time for an update tomorrow, but I'll be around for Pink Wednesday!