Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Giveaway Switcharoos!

Goood evening everyone!

Just wanted to point out some edits to the site.  My sidebar was getting insanely full of giveaways, so from now on I'm just going to feature the giveaways that are ending that week on the sidebar.  All of them, despite when they end, will be detailed on the page I created here (also seen on the top bar!)

I realized a bunch of links were a little overwhelming so the new page I added is in chronological order of when all the giveaways end and show a picture (and a comment or two) of the prizes!

I don't want to take down the pictured giveaways on my sidebar because I told those bloggers their pictures would be there, so after the last one ends, there won't be anymore giveaway "pics" (beyond the ones that end during that week) on the sidebar.  It makes it cluttered.  And I don't like clutter.  I like clean :)

I hope I don't disqualify myself from any of them by changing my things around...they're still on the site, just in a new place!

See you guys tomorrow,
<3 Whitney