Sunday, April 17, 2011

They call me mellow yellowwww

Hey all!  I'm back!  Sorry it's later than I said it would be, I had a housewarming party to go to last night that I sort of forgot about...

Anyway, I went out with my friend Jenn yesterday afternoon and we hit up Ulta and Five Below, both of which I've never been to and ohh my gossh.  Let's just say I went a little overboard between the two...:

My nail polish haul
Oh dear.  The Boyfriend is going to think I'm nuts, but I didn't really spend THAT much.  Ulta was having a buy 2 get 1 free on China Glaze (From L to R, Happy Go Lucky, Flyin' High, and Entourage) and I HAD to get the OPI black shatter.  The pink and teal glitter from Five Below were both 99 cents and the silver one (Sally Hansen Celeb City) was like $2 at Ulta.  The 6 on the left were 3 for $5 and they're called Funky Fingers--since they were so cheap I had to try all of them...look how neon!  Love :)

On top of that I got some mascara and sunscreen.  Not as interesting, though.

Anyway, I tried the black shatter on top of a color I used the other day and didn't like, but I'll do a separate post about that later.  Right now I want to talk about yellow.

YELLOW.  I love yellow.  It's by far my favorite color.  I actually forced myself to love it by painting my room yellow in high school because I knew it was associated with happiness, but now it is not a forced love by any means.  Anyway, I'm pretty excited about yellow being "in" this year.  Despite my love for yellow, I've never had a yellow polish, so I picked up China Glaze Happy Go Lucky yesterday and was so excited I had to try it right away:

Inside lighting, no flash

Kitchen lighting, no flash

Inside, flash
Since it's supposed to be sunny today I think I'm going to have to take a picture of this color outdoors.  None of these pics really show the actual color, although it's probably closest to the one with the flash!  It's very macaroni and cheese-ish, haha.

**UPDATE** Here's an outdoor picture!

Yup, this is the color...a few days old, but that's okay
I love it.  It's still strange to look down and see such a bright yellow on my nails, but I like it.  It's a nice cream polish, but you need at least 3 coats for it.  I could've probably done 4, but you know how I feel about that, it's just too many, but you can probably see in the no flash pictures that there are still a few dark spots.  Regardless, it's not that noticeable in person. 

So how do you guys feel about yellow?  Love it, hate it? Let me know and let me know what you think about Happy Go Lucky if you've tried it!

<3 Whit

PS speaking of yellow...did anyone see Lauren Alaina's yellow dress on American Idol the other night?  I searched high and low for who it's by, turns out it's Arden B, I think I'm going to have to buy it like asap.