Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ORLY "Berry Blast" aka Barbie Pink!

I know I said I wasn't going to be available this week to update, but I got bored during a seminar today and started chipping off my nail polish, which is a terrible habit I have, so I had to take it off and decided to throw on one of my favorite summer colors!  Berry Blast by ORLY:
This is one of their regular colors and I love it because 1) it's pink, and 2) it's so shiny and reflective that it looks great in the sun!  Granted, it's pretty crappy and rainy here in Ohio but I'm preppin' for summer early this year!

I had a hard time getting pictures that accurately show how wonderful this color is.  It's honestly closest to the color in the picture of the bottle, but here are mine anyway:

Inside, bathroom lighting
You can see here how shiny it is.  Don't be misguided by the photos, though, that make it look like it has sparkles in it, it really doesn't.

Outdoor lighting
Isn't it fabulous?  It's so much brighter actually on and is just super girly and shiny.  I thought it was actually a pretty transparent color so this is with three coats of polish.  I probably could've slid by with only two but I don't like to see through any part of the nail, so I stuck with three.

I love ORLY because their polish always goes on super smooth and their brush is simple and easy to use.  It's about the same price as OPI--it runs about $7-$9 in most stores.  I usually get it from CVS but I've seen it loads of other places.

Despite it's super glimmer, I still applied a top coat.  Just a Sally Hansen top coat.  I almost always wear top coat because it helps prevent me from chipping it off so quickly.  And lately I've been using a hardening base coat because my nails are so flimsy.

I just wanted to get this up before I forgot and got swamped with more work this week--I suppose it can be part of my "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" thing since it is oh so very pink! 

If you've tried this or it looks similar to a pink you use, comment and let me know!

Have a good one!