Saturday, April 30, 2011

Christian Siriano Kajal Eyeliner for VS

Hey all!

Today was nice out, finally, so I tried to be out of the house most of the day!  I didn't really clean up my nails from last night but I posted some new outdoor pictures of the Zoya polishes I tried in my blog post yesterday.

I decided today to try the Christian Siriano Kajal Eyeliner in Eclipse for Victoria's Secret that I got in my prize package from Tracy and Beauty Reflections!

Wonder what you do when it gets down to the bottom?  Can you sharpen this??

Sooooo like I've said before, I usually wear brown powder eyeliner, but I wanted to try out this black pencil for my something new of the day.  I wasn't planning on wearing any eyeshadow with it but when I realized how dark it was I threw on some brown shimmer on top of it, so in some of the pictures you can tell I did it this way instead of putting on the liner last.  Whoops!  That's ok, check it out:

You can see I got eye shadow on the liner, but it's all gravy
You can't tell as much with my eyes open...woo I got a crap ton of mascara on.

Up close
Closed up close

So overall I liked it.  It went on super smooth and super easy.  I usually have to press pretty hard to get a dark line with pencil eye liner but this went on super dark when I barely touched my skin!  It rubs off, but not super easily--it's stayed on with pretty much the same opacity all day!

I love the packaging, but I'm kind of confused as to what to do once you use a lot of it...I don't know if you can sharpen it back to a point or if you kind of use it so one side is a lipstick.  Any ideas??

This runs for about $12.  I really like it and I'll definitely use it up eventually, but I probably wouldn't buy it again unless it comes in a brown.  I can't seem to figure that out with a quick google search.  I'm kind of uninformed, haha. 

Have you guys tried this?? Let me know!

<3 Whitney

PS...check out the haul I won from Stephanie over at Imperfectly Painted:

Ahh so many Sinful Colors!  I'm super excited about these, the purple is something that I was trying to buy for myself the other day but I was already beyond the three polish limit for the sale at Walgreens!  So I'm pretty happy I got it!

The keeki glow-in-the-dark (!!!) polish in the middle was a gift from my boyfriend!  It came in the mail today!  He even researched natural, organic nail polish all by himself!  So cute :)  Have you guys heard of this brand or used it??