Sunday, May 1, 2011

China Glaze vs. Sinful Colors: Blues and Peaches!

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Anyway, today I passed on trying another Zoya Sunshine....Since I noticed that some of the Sinful Colors polishes I picked up (and won during a giveaway) were a little similar to some of the China Glaze colors I have, I decided to do a comparison of blues and peaches.  It's a little picture heavy for the peaches, so I'll start with the blues:

I decided to compare China Glaze (CG) "Flyin' High", Sinful Colors (SC) "Savage" and Finger Paints (FP) "Art Dealer Teal-Er."  In the bottle I thought the Sinful Colors and Finger Paints looked similar, but on the nail it was definitely a competition between Savage and Flyin' High:

Savage, Flyin' High, and Art Dealer Teal-Er, I guess outside SC looks nothing like FP...inside they do!

FP is obviously completely different...

So in terms of color, China Glaze's Flyin' High and Sinful Colors' "Savage" are very similar but they're definitely not dupes.  Savage (SC) looks quite a bit more matte than the shinier Flyin' High (CG).  I love the Finger Paints but it's not really comparable to the other ones!  These are all shown with three coats of polish without a top coat, though, so you can definitely make the SC shinier by adding that.

The SC formula was a little runny, but it might've been the brush causing the problem.  If you don't wipe the brush off enough it ends up dripping after a few seconds.  I hadn't eaten so I was a bit shaky with my application and had an issue with this. 

Overall, though, if you liked the CG Flyin' High that I reviewed but can't decide if you want to pay the CG price, you can pick up the similar color "Savage" by Sinful Colors at Walgreens for around $2.  It's a decent polish for so cheap!  Last week they were on sale for 99 cents, which is a steal.  I don't know if that's still going on, though!

I also decided to check out Sinful Colors "Hazard" and China Glaze's "Thataway."  I love both of these colors but I'm a sucker for peach.


Inside, no lighting!

Inside, flash


Outside again...stupid clouds

Once again these shades are pretty similar on the nail.  This time the Sinful Colors was not matte at all, but quite shiny.  The China Glaze, however, stole the show by having a slight shimmer to it!  I feel like you could easily franken the Thataway (CG) by starting out with the Hazard (SC) base and adding a clear or white shimmer because the base colors are nearly identical.   

These pics all show three coats, no top coat, and the formulas both went on pretty well.  I like the CG brush a little better though because it's slightly smaller.  My nails aren't very wide so thicker brushes make it more difficult for me to cleanly paint my nails. 

But once again, if you're looking for a deal or you're poor like me, Sinful Colors provides a pretty decent competition to some of the China Glaze colors!  I'm glad I have both, though, because I really like the shimmer to Thataway.  You can read more about it here.

Sorry for the super long post!  I'll be out of town tomorrow and Tuesday for another interview so I doubt I'll update, but we'll see.

Have a great Sunday, and check out the giveaways that are ending today!

<3 Whit

P.S. My something "new" of the day is, as of right now, Sinful Colors...I just got a bunch but I hadn't tried them yet :)