Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ulta and Sally's Haul!

Ohhh dear.  I spent some money today.  But for a while, I was doing great with the savings!

Let's seeee first I went to Ulta and got got three of the CG Island Escapes (Blue Iguana, 108 Degrees, and Senorita Bonita) with their buy 2 get 1 free sale.  I also got CG Midnight Mission on clearance for $2.99 and then I used this coupon and got ORLY Shine for free!  THEN I used this coupon and got $5 off my purchase so I got all that for $12!!  THEN I had another coupon and they let me do another transaction where I got Seche Vite top coat since I didn't have it yet !gasp! and some eye shadow applicators to try sponging.

SV, ORLY Shine, CG Midnight Mission, 108 Degrees, Senorita Bonita, and Blue Iguana

Then I headed over to Sally's where I got a nail art pen and used my $5 off coupon for getting their beauty card last month so it was only like $2.50.  Score!

Anyone tried these cina pens??

THEN I had to go to the other side of town to go to Best Buy and I was desperately searching for the OPI matte polishes, so I stopped in the other Ulta we have and used the ORLY coupon again and another $5 off coupon that expired today and got ORLY It's Up To Blue and my first Butter London polish, Teddy Girl, that came with some nail polish remover!

Sadly I did not find any matte polishes except the new Zoya ones, but I was looking for the darker colored ones :(  Sad story.  I could probably check Walgreens but I figured I spent to much money today.  Especially because after all my polish shopping I bought a freakin' IPHONE!  weee!  SO excited for that 'cause my last phone was a POS.  Here's my total haul:

That's the BF's puppy peering at me in the background :)
Total Spent (minus iphone) = $33.46!!

eeee!  I'm so excited for all of these things.  I LOVE Blue Iguana...I didn't think that I would because I didn't like it in pictures I saw, but I love it in person.  I'm very excited.  I needed some shopping therapy today.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, I'm going to try a new mani later, maybe if it works out I'll post it!

Much love,
<3 Whitney