Sunday, May 8, 2011

Survey and Kreativ Blogger Award!

Okay despite only one person filling out my reader survey so far, I'm still going to fill it out to let you guys know a bit more about me :)  Feel free to fill it out still if you want to, I'm curious to know about you guys!
Elemental Styles Reader Survey
Name: Whitney
Age: 23...I guess my profile says 24, I'll be 24 in September lol I like to round up
What is your favorite nail polish brand (and color if you want)?: I love CG 108 degrees after trying it last night, but I think my favorite of all time is Zoya Kimmy.  I don't really have a favorite brand, maybe ORLY!
What is your favorite make-up brand?: Bare Minerals...oh my gosh, I love it.
What is one product you can't live without?: Mascara.  I rarely leave the house without it. 
Are you in school? Tell me about your educational background: I am!  I got my B.S. last year in chemical engineering and I will be graduating in June with my M.S. in engineering.
What's your favorite food and drink?: Food is probably pepperoni and pineapple pizza but I also LOVE ice cream sandwiches, oh my gosh.  Drink? Currently Hawaiian Punch :)
What do you like to do in your spare time, (besides nail polish and make up)?: Well school takes up most of my time, actually, but I like reading, making purses, and line dancing.  I like being outdoors a lot, too, my bf and I like to kayak and such.  I also enjoy baking.
One interesting fact about you: I'm getting my MS in 4 quarters, I'm pretty proud of that!

Alsoooo I got tagged by Fiona at Ha Bisky! Nails for the Kreativ Blogger Award!  Thanks girl!!
I guess I'm supposed to give you 10 facts about me and tag 10 bloggers with under 300 followers!

1) I live with my boyfriend, Matt.  He's a chef but he's currently working with adults with mental disabilities.  I love him and I'm glad he's around to support me :)
For a NYE party...I think this was NYE 2009 right after we started dating

2) I like to go to the driving range...I've probably been more than 25 times, but I'm still too scared to go play actual golf.

3) I have the shiest-iest car on the's a 2001 Ford Focus that I got (and helped pay for) for my HS graduation.  I'm surprised it hasn't blown up yet.  It's terrible.  I'm waiting a few more months until I get a job to buy a new one, SO excited!

4) I used to only paint my nails when I was in a terribly bad mood to help me perk up.  Now I love painting them because I can do it pretty quickly and it makes me happy to look at.

5) I LOVE themed parties.  I have had a New Years Eve party every year since 2002 and a lot of them have been themed.  Last year it was 1940's theme.  I've also had a formal one, Vegas themed, movie themed, etc...
Movie themed...I went as Hermione haha.  Because I love Harry Potter

Napoleon Dynamite and Indiana Jones helping clean up
6) I like to sew and got in the groove of making my own purses last year.  I've been a little busy with school these past few quarters but I plan to get back into it when I am done.  
An owl purse I made for my aunt.  I like owls.  A lot.  And pigs.
In addition to purses, I decided to try my hand at making a pirate outfit for Halloween last year.  I like how it turned out:

I like it better without leggings, but it was cold that day.
7) Gosh I'm only at 7?  I desperately want a micropig as a pet.  I love them.  They are so freakin' cute.   Seriously check out this video.  You will want one.  They are smarter than dogs.  I'm going to get one after I get a new car.  'Cause they're expensive.

8) My favorite movie of all time is O Brother, Where Art Thou?  I could watch it everyday.  I don't know why.

9) I have five weddings to go to this year, and I'm in two of them.  I'm going to go broke from this.  But I had a blast being MOH in my friend Jenn's wedding last year.

Oh how I miss being tan.

10) I can't stand ignorant people.  Mainly people who make arguments without knowing what they're talking about.  I respectfully decline getting into discussions with people if I'm not 100% sure of my facts and expect people to do the same. 


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Be sure to check out these great bloggers and let them know that they were tagged by me :)  

Have a great Sunday lovelies!

<3 Whitney