Tuesday, April 12, 2011

China Glaze Thataway Review!

Hey all.  This is going to be short and sweet 'cause I'm real busy today!

I took a mini break from school to repaint my nails.  I filed them down a bit since my pinky nail is still janky and short, so they're even more nubby than usual!

I decided to go for a fun orange coral shade from China Glaze I bought the other day called Thataway!

Outdoor lighting
I love these types of shimmery orange colors, especially for summer 'cause they look so awesome shining in the sun.  It has a more pink look in certain lighting, but otherwise it's pretty orange:

Inside with flash!
Woo these are terrible photos.  Sorry!  Does anyone have any photo tips?  I mean, I have a 10 megapixel camera and its set on the highest quality and macro setting...I think the change happens when I save them.  Any tips on saving photos?

Anyway, here's a closeup:
Window lighting
Overall I plan on wearing this color for a while because I really like it.  It's flashy without being annoying or inappropriate.  If I was more tan it'd blend to my skintone a little better, but it's all good!

The pictures shown are with 3 coats...it's not a super opaque polish, I can still see the nail line when I'm outside, but I like it all the same!  It went on very smooth, like most other China Glaze polishes.

Wellll that's all I've got for today--gotta run, but let me know if you guys have tried this color and if you liked it!

<3 Whit