Thursday, April 7, 2011

Borghese Patena Pearl--perfect for a stylish french mani!

Hey everyone!  I noticed a tiny chip in my berry blast today in class and since the professor just kept talking and talking and talking it gave me more time to pick at it until my polish was ruined.  Whoops.

I wanted to do another pink but I'm going to hold off.  Most of my polishes are pinks and I'm trying to expand a little so I'm forcing myself not to buy anymore pinks for a while.

So I decided to go with a super sheer color from Borghese called B130 Patena Pearl F.  I initially bought this nude transparent to give myself a shimmery top coat for my french manicures.  Unfortunately I chipped my pinky nail while ripping off my old stuff (ughhh terrible habit, I know) and my other nails aren't even so I didn't want to give myself a full french mani, so I just stuck with the Patena Pearl for today!

Inside, with flash
I love this color.  By itself, most of the time, it looks nude (see above) but the sheen in various lighting can go from orange/peach to pink to purple, which is why I use it to add a kick to my french manis.  I tried to capture as many pictures in different lightings as I could, so bear with me!

Inside, no flash
  You can start to see the orange/pink shimmer here.

Outside lighting
Look how shiny!

Window lighting, tilted
See how versatile this color is?  Even by this one picture (which I had to take at a downward angle so you could see all the colors) you can see how it looks gold and pink and orange in the same shot.

The pictures I posted are with four coats.  I've never applied four coats in my life (not including top/base) but I wanted to make sure it was enough for you to see in the pictures.  It's very, very transparent, as you can see, so even if I applied 10 coats you'd still see nail line.  What I usually do is apply my french tips and then add two coats of Patena Pearl on top and it looks awesome.

Unfortunately I can't rock transparents as well as I could because my nail beds are super uneven and I have this weird downward curve on both of my middle fingers.  These things, I think, are less noticeable with opaque shades!  Despite the state of my oddly shaped nails, I hope I've convinced you to try this color instead of a normal nude with your french manicures!  Let me know if you try it and how it goes!

<3 Whitney