Saturday, April 23, 2011

Purrrpllleee! ORLY's Fantasea

Hey everyone...hope you all had a great week!

I took off my nail polish the other day and haven't had a spare second to even throw a base coat on so I chipped two of my nails...lame sauce!

However, this morning I thought of a cute Easter idea I wanted to try with the new polish I bought last week...ORLY's Fantasea!  I was going to do some white dotting over the purple but when I started painting I didn't think it'd look as good as I'd imagined with the shimmer.  When I initially had this idea I thought the color I'd bought was more of a lighter lavender cream polish...not so much.

Fantasea is definitely a solid purple shimmer:

Window lighting

Up close and blurry...yum

This color definitely has a "reddish" undertone.  Some purples are more blue but you can see it looks a purple rust color when at an angle:

My thumb is pointed downward in this's not actually this stubby

Messed up my pinky :(

That last pic probably shows the color best. In normal lighting it's a very subdued kind of dark purple.  It's pretty sheer initially, this is with three coats.  I would've done four but I'm lazy.

If I hold my hand up to the light I can see obvious nail brush streaks, which I'm not into...but for my first obvious purple, I like it.  I was scared to wear purples with my skin tone but this one works pretty well because of its warm undertone. 

Also normally I love the ORLY formula but maybe I got a bad one with this.  The polish wasn't "thick" or anything, but I felt like there wasn't any on the brush when I first pulled it out and I had to dip my brush more than once per finger, which I haven't had to do before.  And it smells really odd...kind of like eggs.  Did anyone else have this problem with Fantasea?

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the final product and I'm definitely glad I bought it to try!

Have a great weekend, all---I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of candy ;)  You know--if you're into that...

<3 Whitney

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