Friday, April 1, 2011

L'Oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow Review!

Hey everyone!  This is my first post and it's for L'Oreal's new One Sweep Eye Shadow.  If you have any comments and suggestions on how to blog or what I should talk about, please contact me and let me know!

L'Oreal is known for their excellent quality make-up products.  I was excited to see that I qualified to try some of their products for free so a few weeks ago I signed up for a BzzAgent Campaign to receive a sample of L'Oreal's Double Extend Illuminator Mascara and their new One Sweep Eye Shadow.

Pretty colors! (From L'Oreal website)

The One Sweep Eye Shadow I received was number 409, natural for blue eyes.  I've applied it a few times this week and was actually quite disappointed with the results.  The colors go well together, as you can see from the image, however the application technique did not work as planned.  The directions tell you to sweep each side of the applicator brush through all three colors and apply following the curve of your eye.  However, the pink is barely noticeable so all you get is a line of brown and a line of white, which looks awkward.

I've applied the colors separately with a smaller blending brush and the results were much more pleasing.  So overall, I loved the colors and the concept, but the "one sweep" application just did not work as designed. 

The product appears to retail for about $7-$9 in most stores that carry L'Oreal products, which seems a little high to me now that I know the one sweep idea doesn't work like it's supposed to.  However, after looking at the other color combination's they sell, I would be willing to try some of the others, since the colors go so well together.      

I'd give this product a 3 out of 5 for the interesting concept and gorgeous colors.

If you've tried this and have something to say about it, comment please!  Also, I plan on taking my own pictures in the future, so look out for that!