Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another quick post...

Hey lovelies!

Although I am fully aware that it is Pink Wednesday, I just don't have the time this week to paint my nails again.  :(

I'm super super bummed because it was going to be my first one, but my thesis calls.  I had a big meeting today and I pretty much need to double what I've written by Friday.  But that's for me to worry about!

BUT I am going to post some pictures of of Bare Minerals Powder Eye Liner in Tiger's Eye that I took while I was in TN a few weeks ago for an interview:

Liner and the brush I use
Yes, that IS an eyebrow brush that I use.  I know you can get thin, pointed eye liner brushes but I like the angled brush much better.  It allows me to get it all the way to the inside point of my eye and I can also easily drag it out for a "cat eye" type look.  Sometimes I even use the leftovers to darken my brows a bit.

Here's the color on the back of my hand, it's a pretty dark brown.  You can easily make it look darker by adding a few more coatings of it, though! 

That's the liner on my eye with BE Kudos eye shadow.  I *love* the powdered eye liner.  I know most people prefer liquid or pencil, but if you haven't tried this, go to the store and try it out!  It's pretty good at lasting the whole day but sometimes I have to reapply just to darken it again if I'm going to go out for the evening or something.  However, as with all BE makeup, you can add a little water to it to change the color a bit and get it to last longer.

This is usually how I wear it for day time, although when I'm headed out to go dancing or something, I'll apply a bit more to make it darker.  But you know, the only dancing I do is line dancing, which sounds lame but it actually gets pretty intense, so there's no point in whorin' it out too much 'cause I'm just gonna sweat it off lol.  Haha sorry I'm feelin crude today.

All right, have a good week.  I'm looking forward to Friday when I can actually have time to do things again!  Hope you're all well :)


PS I won a giveaway from Tracy @ Beauty Reflections and just got the stuff in the mail today!  I'm SO excited to try it out :) Thanks, girly!