Monday, April 18, 2011

OPI's Black Shatter!!

So I gave in and finally decided to buy the black shatter and try it.  The biggest reason was because I was so excited to get my Del Sol color changing nail polish I ordered and then I got it and it SUCKED and I wanted to cover it up:

Del Sol -- Surfer Girl
The formula is terrible and streaky!  I painted three coats and it still looked like poop.  The picture showed above is with a flash and it actually makes the streaks LESS noticeable, it was much more terrible in person haha.  I didn't even take any pictures of it changing color (to yellow/orange) because it wasn't sunny and I was still irritated about the formula.  I expected so much more from a $10 polish.  SO I decided to cover it with black shatter:

Much better
It looks silvery but I swear that's the pink under there. 

Then before I removed Happy Go Lucky I decided to test out black shatter over the yellow:

Sorry for the blur!  I love it so much more with yellow underneath.  I'm not too much of a black nail polish person but I like the black shatter anyway!  I wish they had a silver shatter, I'd rock that so hard.  Although I heard through the grape vine that they're making red, white, teal, blue, and navy shatters as a Serena Williams collection (although those still are not silver!).  I'll definitely buy the teal though and maybe the white. 

Hmmm...Maybe you can franken the white and black and add glitter to make silver?  Hmmm we'll see I suppose!

Anyway I really thought the shatter was such a cool idea.  My friend had an issue with it being thick and goopy but the one I bought was just fine.  You have to be quick about getting a thin coat on, though because it dries and cracks really fast.  Does anyone know if you can add nail polish remover to the crackle to thin it out?  I didn't know since the formula was different if you could or not--I told her just to exchange it for a new one.

Anyway, hope you guys are having a good start of the week!  Let me know how you liked the shatter if you've tried it :)

<3 Whit