Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Glitter!

Happy Easter everyone!  And also Happy Passover :)

So I've been having a pretty great weekend.  Last night the Boyfriend and I had a "date night" after we went bowling with my parents.  Super fun but I broke my thumb nail off down to the skin when I tried to use my mom's bowling ball.  Then right before bed the Boyfriend brought me out the sweetest Easter basket he made with a bunch of candy and then 4 gift cards for cute date ideas.  So sweet!

Then today we went to my parents for lunch and had a nice time!

Anyway, so the more I wear ORLY's Fantasea the more I LOVE it.  It's such a great color and I love how it changes from purple to a maroon type color depending on the angle you're looking at it and the amount of light around.  Since I broke off my thumb nail last night, I needed to repaint but I wanted to leave Fantasea on, so I added Wet 'n Wild's: Wild Shine Sparked (#435G).  It's a pinkish glitter and I think it ROCKED over Fantasea:

Window lighting, most accurate color
Ahhh I love it!  Because of the Fantasea base, it also looks drastically different depending on the lighting.  I think using that base color also makes the finished product look EXACTLY like the concentrated glitter color in the bottle:

Window Light

Unfortunately it's been raining for more than a week here in Ohio and is supposed to continue until at least Thursday, so I don't have any sunny pictures of this!

Maybe I should start swatching my nail polishes.  I actually haven't done that yet so all of the blog posts I make are for the colors that I am actually wearing that day.  It's a big stress reliever thing for me to take an hour or so away from school stuff and do something pretty for myself so I've resisted swatching so far.  That's also why this is a beauty blog instead of a nail polish blog...I don't always have time to paint my nails everyday and sometimes doing a make up review is a lot quicker for me!

Anyyywayy hope you guys are having a great weekend too!  Let me know what you think of this combo :)

<3 Whitney

P.S.: If you follow me on twitter, you've probably already noticed, but I added a TON of new blogger giveaways today that I found on Sparkled Beauty.  A bunch of them ended this weekend, so I thought I'd find a bunch more to fill it back up!  You guys should definitely check them out on the sidebar and enter!  Also hurry up and enter GildedNails BB Couture giveaway, Painted Lady Fingers' Starry Temptress giveaway, and Never Ending Obsession's 300 follower giveaway because they end tomorrow!