Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pink Wednesday! OPI DS Reserve :)

So I think I told you all that I chipped off my Memorial Day mani--this is what I wore instead!  It's not super patriotic, but I LOVED it.  It's such a gorgeous color in the sun.  It makes me want a bunch more of the OPI DS polishes, but they're just so expensive!  I'm on a no-buy right now because I realized yesterday I won't be getting anymore paychecks until I get a legit job :( 

But anyway, onto DS Reserve!

Wam! Look at that sparkle.  SO pretty!  I really love this polish.  I also really like the OPI brush.  I found that it's just wide enough to get my whole pinky nail in one swipe, which is handy.  This is three coats and it went on beautifully. 

Do you guys have any of the DS polishes?  How do you like them??

<3 Whitney

Sorry for the short post today, I'm super super busy!  Love!