Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pink Wednesday! Double Post--Fuschiamania + Nail Art!

Hellllo pretties!  I'm back from DC and today I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

A few weeks ago Amanda at Ha Bisky! Nails tagged me for a Pick 3 Challenge where you pick three polishes at random from your stash and create something with them.  Luckily, I picked a pink!  I ended up with China Glaze Thataway, Funky Fingers Ectoplasmic and Ulta Fuschiamania:

Indoor flash
It got dark as I was doing this so this is inside with a flash, sorry!  Actually I picked Julep Gloria instead of the pink first, but when I looked at it next to the CG polish they were too similar so I tried again...cheater!  I was pretty psyched I got all bright colors though!

In honor of Pink Wednesday, here is Fuschiamania all by itself:

Inside, flash

Inside, flash

Outside, dusk lighting
This is a fabulous pink.  When I take DS Tapestry off my toes this is going on them asap.  It is truly a one coater.  I used two to hit some spots a bit closer to my cuticles that I missed.  I LOVE how bright this dark pink is.  The formula was great.  Yet again I'm impressed by Ulta!

Anyway, so I decided to try a funky leopard print with these colors.  I suppose I cheated since I used my black nail art pen, but it seemed like the quickest thing to do and I still have to study for my math final tomorrow hehe.  Anyways, the base I left as Fuschiamania and the I dotted on Ectoplasmic and Thataway.  Only my second attempt at nail art...could be better but I like it okay!

Inside, super close to our energy efficient lightbulbs haha

Inside, flash

Inside, flash

Flash, up close of thumb

I probably should've taken an up close pic of a different nail because the thumb doesn't look that great, but oh well.  I'll probably wear this til tomorrow or Friday.  It's different and bright!  The orange blends into the pink in these pics because of the flash, but it's a little bit more noticeable in person!

Well that's all for tonight, I need to study a bit.  I can't help to be unmotivated because this is the LAST thing I have before I'm done with my master's degree!  Weeee!  Graduation is Sunday but I'm not going because it's in Ohio Stadium...and it'll be like 95 degrees.  Pass on that nonsense, I went last year.  Also, my job situation is going to take a bit longer to get situated than I previously thought so I guess I'll have more time to blog...Optimism I guess?

Hah well have a good night all!

<3 Whitney