Monday, June 13, 2011

Julep Polish Swatches! Featuring: Gloria

So I mentioned a while back that I won three Julep Spring Collection polishes from a giveaway!

Amy, Natalie, Gloria -- indoor, flash
These are fabulous spring/summer colors that I was so excited to try!  I swatched these and they came out GORGEOUS on my nail wheel:

Amy, Natalie, Gloria -- outside sunlight

They went on amazingly and were opaque with ONE coat on the wheel.  I think I added a second coat to Gloria, though, if I remember correctly.

Recently I decided to try Gloria!  It's a beautiful peachy orange with a great formula!

I realize now that I probably should've taken more pictures of this, my bad!  This was taken when the sun was setting and I love it!  I actually had to use three coats of this on my fingers because I messed up getting it even, but the formula was pretty great.  I wish they sold these around here, I believe they are a polish local to Washington, because they'd be one of my regular purchases!  I can't wait to try Natalie, it's such a pretty pink! 

These polishes typically run around $14 and you can buy them online.  I like them because they are cute and all named after girls names!  They also have sales on entire collections.  The Spring Collection shown here is actually on sale right now for $35!  So if you like these colors, now is the time to get them!

Have you guys heard of/tried Julep?  Let me know!!