Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another BRIGHT Orange! Papaya Punch! + Another Attempt at Turquoise Crackle

Hey ladies!  I got a lovely sampler package sent to me by China Glaze this weekend consisting of Papaya Punch, Fault Line (Crackle), and Rosita:

Fault Line


Sorry for the stock photos, it's dark here now and I'm too lazy to photograph them haha.  Anywho, since I already have Papaya Punch and Fault Line, I will be adding those to prizes for future giveaways!  Horray!

However, I realized when I received it that I still haven't reviewed Papaya Punch and since I'm super into oranges right now, I figured I'd try it out. 

Papaya Punch is a lovely bright orange cream polish from China Glaze's Island Escape Collection released earlier this year! Check out the (many, whoops) pics below:

Outdoor, sun

Outdoor, sun

Outdoor, shade

Outdoor, sun

Outdoor, shade

Up-close color
I love this shade.  Seriously, I didn't know how great it was until I put it on.  I'm glad I waited until I was a bit more tan.  I loved Essie Braziliant, but I moved that to my feet and have been wearing this as a mani for a few days now!  The formula is great and I love one and two coater polishes.  All the pictures above are shown with two coats.

I tried to again use the OPI turquoise shatter with this orange because I'm now obsessed with teal and orange together.  It didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, probably because I put Posche top coat on the Papaya Punch.  So I tried to just paint another coat of Papaya Punch over it today and then did the shatter, still didn't turn out as I'd hoped:

Eh overall I still like the color combo, but I'm still not super happy with the turquoise shatter.  I wish it broke up as well as the black has for me!

Did you guys pick up Papaya Punch earlier when the IE was released?  Any of you have better luck with turquoise shatter? Let me know!

<3 Whitney