Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Funky Fingers SCENTED Collection!

So I saw that Funky Fingers had a new collection out last time I went to Five Below.  I initially resisted but saw a picture online and decided I needed to have them...3 for $5 is such a good deal!

I went in to pick them up and they had 5 new polish colors (peach, fuschia, blue, yellow, and green) and white and silver shatter polishes.  I passed up the neon green since green polish doesn't look great on me ever and I thought I was getting 6 for $10.  Turns out the shatters are $3 each so I messed up that deal, but I still got 6 polishes for like $13, which I still consider a great deal!

I decided to swatch all of these polishes today (plus some more) and I found out that they are SCENTED as well!  I was very surprised by this because they don't say on the bottle they're scented and I didn't see signs (but I didn't really look)...which is why I also don't know the name of the collection.  But it's Island/Vacation themed, so I'm just going to assume it's called "Caribbean Getaway."  That's my unofficial name :) ENJOY!

**EDIT** These polishes are from Funky Fingers "Island Collection."

First up, a fabulous super neon peachy pink called Kingston.  This polish color is not represented super great in the pictures because it's hard to capture neons.  The formula is nice, not too thin or thick, but this took 4 coats to be opaque and you cans still see some semi-visible nail line depending on the lighting.  The color is great, though.  This is the only one that I picked up that didn't have an obvious, scent, though.  After sniffing the plate I swatched these on to smell separately like 100 times, I think that this possibly could have a super light strawberry scent.  But don't quote me on that.



Underwater in the bathroom so you can see the neon-ness of it!

I also tried each of the polishes with a mix of their white and silver shatter polishes.  The white is called White Scales and the silver is Silver Scales.  Overall this white beats out China Glaze Lightning Bolt by a LOT, not to mention it's less than half the price!  Definitely pick this up if you want a decent white shatter.  I haven't tried OPI, though, but you can't beat $3.


Shade...with the neon a bit more obvious here

I wasn't super impressed with the silver.  I'm still waiting for my silver shatter by OPI to come in the mail and from what it looks like in pictures the OPI is more sparkly than this one.  I think it'd look all right over less neon colors, and it did crackle pretty well.  It was thicker than the white, though!

The next color I'm going to show you is a frosty yellow/orange called Cayman Island.  All of the polishes except Kingston applied a bit frosty, but didn't have the normal streakiness and visible brush lines as other frosty polishes.  It just made them look a bit sparkly, which I liked!  Actually if Kingston wasn't named after a Jamaican city I wouldn't even think it was part of this collection as it's not frosty nor strongly scented.  Weird!  Anyhow, Cayman Island reminds me of that crayon color "Mac n Cheese."  It needed 4 coats as well and has much more VNL.  It also smelled like bananas to me at first but I'm starting to think that it could be a citrus or lemony smell.  Regardless, it's good.



Frosty and VNL...but still a fun color :)

Here is Cayman Island with the shatters:

Love it with the white

The next one is my favorite in the collection: Port Royal.  I didn't think I would like this as much just by looking at the bottle.  It's a fushia/purpley/pink polish that I just didn't think was unique.  However, after applying I loved it.  This color looks drastically different whether or not you're in the sun or shade.  I tried to capture different lighting situations, hopefully you can see the differences.  This one only needed 3 coats to become opaque and smells like bubble gum!  My friend Jenn (at Nurse by Night, Nails by Day...she just started a blog, seriously go check her out!!) said it smells like grape bubble gum.  I'm bad at these sort of things haha.



Sun again

Up close!  Looks "frostier" in person, but no streaks!

Here is Port Royal with White and Silver Scales:

I actually like the look of both white and silver on here.  Even though I think silver would look better with darker polishes!

The last one in the collection that I picked up, which now that I know they're scented I kind of want to go back for the green, is a frosty bright blue polish called Curacao.  The formula on this one is similar to the others, pretty great for cheap polish, and it only needed 3 coats to be opaque.  I'm confident that in a rush both Curacao and Port Royal could be done in 2, but oh well.  I really liked this color, too, which is surprising because I'm not normally into cool colors as polish.  This one I thought smelled like cotton friend says icing.  Either way it's got a sweet candy smell to it!



Sun times TWO

Frosty non-streaky neon goodness.

And here is Curacao with the shatters:

Personally I think Curacao wins for the prize for best shatter combo as both White and Silver Scales look great with it. 

Overall I highly recommend this collection.  Not only are they bright, super fun colors, but there just aren't that many frosty polishes with great formulas that don't leave brush streaks.  They have just enough frost to be shimmery and fabulous.  Not to mention you get a surprise of your polishes smelling yummy!  AND they're 3 for $5! With $3 shatters!  You can't beat that.  Seriously.  Five Below.  Go there now!

If I find out the official scents for these I'll definitely update this post and let you all know!  And maybe I'll grab the green and add it to this post as well! 

Please let me know if you've tried these and what YOU think they smell like :)

<3 Whitney