Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trying out my holos!

Hey all!  I am all done with classes!  Horrayyy!  I'll be in DC Monday through Wednesday for some tests for a job offer and then I have a final exam Thursday, but I'll try and update when I'm bored in my hotel in DC!

So this morning I decided to try out CG Don't be a Square from their Kaleidoscope collection!  I ordered this one online a bit ago and have been dying to try it.

My photos don't really capture the holo effect well...I seriously took about thirty, so I'll show mine and then post another I found on another blog:

Yeahhh I don't know how to take pictures's a good swatch I found on from Claudia at Chromatic Misadventures (if you don't follow her yet, do it, she's AWESOME!):

Ahhh!  Don't you LOVE it?  She captured the holo effect MUCH better than me.  You can check out her post here.

Amazing.  I love it and I want the whole collection, haha.  Really I just want pink and silver holos...those would be colors I'd wear all the time.  I want Hyper Haute from Tronica! Ahh!

Anyway this is three coats--I could've done two but I wanted to fill in a few nails better.  The formula is great and dries real quick...which is good and bad.  I put Poshe top coat over it, I'll let you know next post how I feel about it, 'cause I don't know yet!  

Also I repainted my toe nails with DS Tapestry.  So I'll show you a sneak peak of my toes 'cause I'm going to eventually swatch this on my nails!

I really like this one.  It came out a bit darker than I thought it would, I'll get a good picture of this on my nails eventually.  It's got so much sparkle to it, I love it!  I think I've decided I love the OPI's the perfect width.  This formula is also goes on pretty opaque.  This is two coats!

Well lovelies, hopefully I'll get to post more this week--I hope you all had a super great weekend!

<3 Whitney