Friday, June 3, 2011

Ohhh What Have I Done? ...Haul and For Audrey Review + 1st Nail Art Attempt

So I did something terrible.  I broke my no buy.  HARD.  BUT I found out that I still get paid for another whole month, so that's sweet.

I'm hesitant to even post this because my mom reads my blog and I'm afraid she's going to punch me in the face for buying so much nail polish, hah!  BUT here we go anyway...

Disgusting amounts of nail polish.
I found this Korean-owned nail supply store in the ghetto of Columbus where everything was about half off the normal store price.  Seriously like China Glaze for $3, OPI DS polishes for $6.25, OPI's for $4.25, and ORLY for $3.75!!  I almost died inside the store.  Their credit card machine was down so I had to go get out cash and I was completely fine with it.  Let me start from the left back row:

White and Turquoise CG crackles,
CG Flip Flop Fantasy,
CG Fairy Dust (Nail Mail),
CG White on White,
CG Anklets of Amethysts,
CG Papaya Punch,
CG Ruby Pumps.
TWO CG Wireless Holographic Top Coats (One will go in the giveaway if I reach 200 by 6/25)
Poshe topcoat,
OPI lil Shooters
Three OPI DS Polishes ( Tapestry, Sapphire, and Opulence)
OPI Not Like the Movies
ORLY Ridge Filler
ORLY Galaxy Girl

Front Row:
Ice in Pinky Moon (Never heard of this)
I got two burst crackles (Violet Flame and Shimmering Head),
New York Summer Glitter in Fuschia
Slick in Fuchsia Flash (Never heard of this either)
Color Club De-Luxe-Cious

Oh. My. God.  Let's pretend I'm not crazy and I am seriously on a severe no buy for just about everything besides gas for my car from now until I get a real job.

ANYWAY despite my buyers remorse I'm pretty excited that I finally got For Audrey the other day.  It's CG's color that's super close to Tiffany blue...I'm sure you know all about it.  I was like the last person to get it.  Check it out:

In these pics it looks very robins eggs blue but in real life it's got some green to it.  Looks just like Tiffanys!  Anyway, it looked too boring by itself so I decided to try the new dotting tools I got in the mail the other day and painted little flowers on.  Now, this is my absolute first time at doing any kind of art on my nails...definitely not perfect and I refuse to practice on paper beforehand, so don't judge too hard.  I think it looks cute from far away haha.

I put this indoor photo up here because this color represents better how For Audrey actually's greenish!

For Audrey went on super opaque in one coat, but this is two!  I used SV top coat, which you can see because it looks crusty in my nail beds.  Does anyone know how to make it NOT do that?  I even cleaned it up twice and everytime I shower it ends up looking like that.  That's why I bought Poshe today to try.  Oh! The flowers are just made with Color Club Art Club White and the centers are Sinful Colors Let's Meet. I also polka doted with Color Club Art Club Turquoise. 


Okay now I need to go...try not to judge me :)

<3 Whitney