Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ooh I know I said I'd update last night but I had to work on a last minute paper and then I needed to get to bed early for some interview stuffs this morning.

So I'm in DC, can't remember if I told you guys, and after I got in yesterday I hit up Pentagon City mall and went on a polish hunt!  Didn't really find anything except two glitter polishes from Icing.  Actually one of them was one of the Charlie Sheen polishes called Epic Winning (blue holo glitter) and the other was one called Gimme Some Glitter (pink glitter).  I'll probably use them for giveaways so I'll just post pics of them at a later date.  Trace at the TraceFace Philes just posted a whole entry about the Charlie Sheen polishes so check her out if you're curious!!

Anyway, so I think I found the most fabulous polish I have.  It's another polish from Icing called Glamorous.  I actually initially went into Icing yesterday to pick up another one of these for a giveaway but they didn't have anymore!  I'll have to check back in Ohio.  Anyway, it's a FABULOUS rainbow holographic glitter polish. 

My pictures do NOT capture this fabulous polish in it's entirety and the pictures actually make it look a little more transparent than it is in person.  However, after three coats of this stuff it's so glittery you can't even see through the shine to your nail :)

Outside where my camera failed miserably to see this wonderful holo

Caught a bit of it

Indoors with flash gets it a little better

Someone told me (I think Fiona) that you can take better pictures of neon polishes underwater, so I tried that with this.  You can kind of see the rainbow under water!

I'm pretty disappointed that I couldn't capture this well...but if you have an Icing in your area you should RUN, don't walk, there as soon as possible and pick this up, I promise you won't regret it!  And cosmetics there are buy 1 get 1 half off!!   Three coats made this polish insanely awesome.

I swatched most of my polishes on some nail wheels I bought the other day and when I swatched my crackles I used three coats of Glamorous for my base with OPI Black Shatter!  I loved it so much I decided to do a full mani of it.

 It looked awesome in the sunlight!  I didn't wear a top coat with this because I knew I only was wearing it for a day since it's not interview appropriate!  I desperately wish I would've put on a top coat in between the glitter and the shatter, though!  When I tried to take the glitter off by itself it was so rough it tore up my remover pads.  It was like I was rubbing them on concrete!  Glitter is hard enough to get off as it is because it gets everywhere, but this was just insane!  It didn't make me love it any less, though :)

Since I mentioned it, here is the swatch of most my glitter polishes (and some others), Glamorous is #18:

If you can't read my handwriting:
1) Wet n Wild Sparked
2) Ice Pinky Moon (someone told me this was a dupe of KleanColor, I would say yes it is, 100%)
3) LA Girl Head Bangin'
4) Color Club De-luxe-ious
5) Sally Hansen Celeb City (Looks an awful lot like ORLY Shine!)
6) Funky Fingers Down to Earth
7) Astral Lights Glow in the dark polish
8) DragonRhia franken!
9) DragonRhia franken!
10) DragonRhia franken!
11) NY Summer Royal Blue Glitter (Future giveaway!)
12) NY Summer Fuschia Glitter
13) NY Summer Multi Glitter (Future giveaway!)
14) Ulta Pinata-yada-yada
15) Funky Finger Sand and Stilettos
16) Funky Fingers Golden Coast
17) Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby
18) Icing Glamorous

I was THRILLED with how the Funky Fingers came out.  Sand & Stilettos and Glamorous look similar in this picture but in person you can see some differences.  Sand and Stilettos is a much finer glitter size-wise but I think the holo in Glamorous is better.  I'll swatch them side by side on my nails in the future!

WELL lovelies, I won't be able to post again until Thursday after my final!  Then I'm done with school forever!  Weee :)  Have a great next couple of days!!

<3 Whitney