Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pink Wednesday! OPI Nice Stems Collection **Picture Heavy**

Welll hello ladies!  I'm floored by the amount of entries to my giveaway that I've received so far!  I have nearly half of the amount of entries I had total for my last giveaway and it's only been 3 days! 

Sorry for my lack of posting--I've been overwhelmed with job paperwork and also I've been out of the house a lot.  I'll try and swatch this weekend and have posts scheduled for later in July because I'm going to be gone a week for a wedding and house hunting--and then my boyfriend and I will be moving to Knoxville at the end of July for my job!!  So exciting, but I'm also soo nervous!  SO if any of you all live around Knoxville and know of some good places to buy polish, please let me know :)

So I broke my no-buy for this lovely haul the other day:

FF Kingston, FF Cayman Island, FF Port Royal, FF Curacao, FF Silver Scales, FF White Scales, OPI Come to Poppy, OPI Be a Dahlia Won't You?, OPI I Lily Love You

Went into Five Below to pick up their new Funky Fingers collection and ended up paying more than I thought 'cause their shatter polishes aren't in their normal 3 for $5...then I found the Nice Stems collection at my local supply store! Weee!

I couldn't wait to try Be a Dahlia Won't You, so I whipped it out last night, and I love it.  I apologize for the amount of pictures!  Also these pictures were taken as the sun was setting!

Messed up my pointer nail trying to clean up polish I spilled on the table haha

I really liked the formula of this polish!  It went on very smooth and easy--all the pics shown are with three coats.  You can still see some nail line when the sun's behind it, but it's all good and looked opaque in the shade!  

I then added I Lily Love You on top, and I loved this combo so much that I took a million pictures of it!  I waited until this morning to take more pics, though, so these are morning sun pictures, not sun setting pictures, so the color is much more accurate:


Shade so y'all can see the glitter definition

Up close, look at that glitter!

This is shown with 2 coats of I Lily Love You.  It's a pink holographic-like glitter with small glitter pieces and larger flakies.  I was on the fence about getting this one, but I'm really glad I did!  It's so interesting :) 

WELLL I hope you guys enjoyed my Pink Wednesday post!  Keep entering my giveaway ;)

<3 Whitney