Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another OPI DS Polish: Opulence! (+ Another Award!)

So I apologize in advance for not getting any super great pictures of this polish.  I actually decided to wear this on Tuesday for a job interview I had and I took a few pictures in the hotel the night before and the only outdoor ones were taken in the car before I got there (parked of course!).

But anyhow, I wanted a classy polish for this interview and even though it's a glittery scattered holo polish, it's kind of muted in color and not obviously sparkly indoors.  Check it out:

Outdoor, sun--you can see the sparklyness a little bit here.

These pictures are very similar...I have such a hard time picking between two that are so close, I just put all of them in haha

There we go...blurred slightly so you can see some of the scattered holo effect!

This is indoors, hotel bathroom lighting, decently accurate coloring here

Yay! holo!

This is probably the most accurate color-wise and you can see some of the scattered holo here too

So I really liked this polish although the holo-effect is minimal.  It's a dusty mauve-pink that actually looks like a spin on the classic mauve polish.  I like how indoors the sparkle isn't obvious, it just gives the color some depth, which is why I thought it was appropriate for an interview! 

The pictures I showed are with three coats of OPI DS Opulence, but you definitely could've stuck with just two--I think I was just bored in my hotel room and added another coat!  The sad thing was that even though I used a non-quick-drying top coat (which I like to use when I have time since SV and Posche sometimes peel off after a day or two in layers), it started chipping the next day--but luckily it started after my interview.  I peeled it all off completely while on my flight home (bad habit!!).  It probably would've lasted longer if I wrapped my tips with both the polish and the top coat, although it is quite common for the holographic polishes to chip right away, I think!

Besides all that, the formula was fantastic and dried decently quick on its own!  I definitely recommend the OPI DS polishes; the formula and brushes are always fabulous but the price...not so much.  I have a hard time shelling out $12 for a polish, but luckily I found these for much less at a supply store!

I know this isn't one of the most desired DS polishes, but I liked it--do any of you have it/like it/want it?!

All right, onto part 2!  I received yet ANOTHER award, the Sunshine Award, from the fabulous Manicured Monkey!  Girl, thank you so much--I don't know how I keep getting tagged for these things :) It makes me feel great!

About Me:

1) Favourite color - Yellow
2) Favorite Animal - Monkey! 
3) Favourite number -3
4) what perfume am I using right now - Still by Jennifer Lopez
5) Something you always wear with you and identifies you: Ohh I don't know...I don't wear the same thing everyday.  I like to wear this diamond necklace that my mom gave me!
6) What's your passion? Science :)
7) Getting or giving presents? I really like buying presents for people--when I see something and think of a certain someone, I like to buy it for them.  Unfortunately I don't always have money for that kind of thing!!
8) What was the last eyeshadow you used? - Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells trio
9) Favourite day of the week - I like Sundays because it's the only day The Boyfriend doesn't work!  But other than that, Saturdays!
10) Are your nails painted right now? Yes, I've still got on CG Rosita!

I award :

1. Jenn at Painted Pixies
7. Melli at Nail-Anon
9. Kisten at Polish Pauper
10. Melissa at My Own Kind of Girly

Woo! Congrats ladies :)

Have a great day, y'all!

<3 Whitney

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