Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Essie Summer Polish: Meet Me at Sunset + KleanColor Glitter

I recently bought a few Essie polishes from Traci at The TraceFace Philes!  She has a GREAT blog sale going on (and blog), so definitely check her out if you're lemming for some polishes!

One of the polishes I got from her blog sale was Essie's Meet me at Sunset.  I kept seeing this when I went to buy Braziliant and I really liked it!  It's a lovely dark orange cream polish:


I think this is a perfect color for the end of summer/beginning of fall transition.  I feel like I could draw on a jack-o-lantern face and it'd be perfect for Halloween :)  I did really like it, especially because it went on opaque in only 2 coats!  Yum!

I don't know why I've been on such an orange kick lately, but I'm so drawn to it when I would normally be drawn to pinks!  Weird!

Anyhow, I ordered some KleanColors polishes from BeautyJoint for only $1.75 each and they came the other day!  I was eager to try them out so I added Chunky Holo Black on top of Meet me at Sunset and I was surprised how well I liked this combination:

My infamous RIGHT hand! *gasp!* My mom wanted to take pictures lol

 I keep my cuticles looking much nicer on my left hand right is fug.

Up close of the glitters

I added 2 coats of the KleanColor glitter over the Essie polish.  You can see on my thumb that there is a lot of glitter on the end of my thumb rather than near my cuticle.  I would've spread them out more by waiting in between coats, but I wanted to try it out asap!  I thought these colors went pretty well together even though I've seen Chunky Holo Black used mostly with darker colors.  I really liked the different sized glitters and really the only downside was the smell...KleanColors have a weirder smell than normal polish, I think! 

Overall, LOVED the Essie and was pretty happy with the KleanColor.  I'm more excited to try it over darker polishes this fall, though--do you guys have any KleanColors? Do they smell weird to you?

Thanks for reading!

<3 Whitney