Friday, July 15, 2011

Icing Mood Swing Polish: Stormy/Serene

Hope you guys are having a great Friday! Wooo hooo, weekend!  I'm in Texas this weekend for a wedding, so I'm sure I'm pretty busy (but who knows, actually...'cause this is a scheduled post haha).  But I DO get to see Harry Potter today, yahoo! I've been waiting forever for this movie!  If I weren't at a wedding, I'd do a HP themed mani!

Anyhow, the other day I decided to try my Icing Mood Swing polish since I hadn't yet and I was wearing a blue outfit!  I was excited to try it because the color is supposed to change with your "mood" but in actuality it really only changes if it's hot or cold outside, hah.  I have their Stormy/Serene polish which appears on the label to turn from light blue/teal to a dark blue/purple:

However, this wasn't really an accurate representation of the colors, but whatever! I'll show some pics and then talk about what I think of the polish:

What it looks like can see my nail tips are darker than my nails

It's like a unintentional funky french :)

This is the color in hot water

Hot water again

Dark blue in cold water

Cold water again!

Overall, I really ended up liking both colors that this polish changed to.  Since my nails go past the tips of my fingers I kind of thought the darker tips/lighter nail part looked a bit awkward, especially since this polish dries matte.  It grew on my after a little while, though!

I'm still not sure I'm really into the matte polish!  I have Zoya Lolly from their Mod Mattes Collection and haven't tried it for that reason.  Anyway...the formula for this is okay.  It goes on pretty easily, but it looked really streaky going on and made me nervous applying it, but after 3 coats it looked all right.  The brush kind of sucked, though, and I ended up getting it everywhere.  I still think it's a really cool idea and I'm glad I bought it!  Tomorrow I'll show you what I did with it when I got tired of the matte look :)

Wellll that's it for now, have a good one, guys!

<3 Whitney

PS have you tried any of the mood color changing polish?  It's making me want to try my Del Sol polish again, I love how it changes in the sun!