Saturday, July 2, 2011

OPI Not Like the Movies -- verdict: meh

So I saw OPI's Not Like The Movies a while back in a supply store and picked it up because I'd heard good things about it.  Green usually isn't my color and I wasn't sure how I felt about it in the bottle so I stuck it in my stash and kind of forgot about it. 

Anyhow on my polish trying-spree the other day I figured I should try it!  Needless to say, I wasn't super impressed.  I think it's a strange idea for a duo-chrome goes from a metallic silvery green to a purple, neither of which I wear too often on my nails.  Loads of people love this, though.  I know that there's another version of NTLM out there that ISN'T duo-chrome, but mine definitely is, hopefully with my pics you can see it!

I also decided to do the OPI black shatter as an accent finger since these polishes are both from the Katy Perry Collection:

You can see the "gunmetal gray" that people talk about here...

There's a flash of purple and green!

You can see a wide variety of colors in the bottle here!

Like I said, I did not like this polish on me.  I love duo-chromes but since I'm not a green polish wearer, it just didn't suit my taste!  The formula was great, though, it went on real even and smooth and I *think* this is three coats, but it could possibly be only two! 

I did, however, love how the black shatter looked over this polish--it crackled amazingly well! 

Overall...doesn't suit my skin tone, and I might be the only one who doesn't love this polish.  Since I doubt I'll be wearing this again I added it to my swap list if anyone wants to swap for it! 

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!

<3 Whitney