Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Revlon Scented Polishes!

Soo while shopping at Meijer the other day, my friend Jenn and I stumbled upon Revlon's new scented polish display and cleaned it all out!

I got three of their polishes: Watermelon Fizz, Grapefruit Fizz, and Orange Fizz, and have two of these lovelies to show you today!

First off Grapefruit Fizz:

I really loved this color in the bottle, but as you can see it is not very opaque!  You can see visible nail line on every finger and that is after FOUR coats!  It sucked because I took off a dark polish before applying this so it made my nails look dirty since it didn't cover up the stain.  Oh well. 

Ideally, I think this would look lovely over any other pink polish, and I LOVE the scent!  I'm not sure if I'd call it grapefruit, but I don't really know what grapefruit smells like normally, but I don't think this is it.  But it was good smellin' nonetheless.  The application was okay, the formula is all right for a drugstore brand, but like I said...disappointed with the non-opaqueness of it!  Next time I'll probably wear it over Ulta Heirhead...'cause I think they'd look nice together! 

Anyhow, despite it being awkward to smell the polish (hahah!) I decided to put Watermelon Fizz on my toes! *Warning: feet pics ahead!*  It's a lovely red sparkly polish!

I think I only ended up with two, maybe three coats on my toes.  It went on much more opaque than Grapefruit Fizz!  I really have been into the lighter reds lately (along with orange), and really liked this polish.  Not to mention it DID smell just like watermelon!  One thing I really like about these polishes is that there's a scratch and sniff snicker on the outside so you can smell what they smell like when they're dried!  Yum!  I liked that...'cause I can't go around smelling my toes, that'd be weird.  And awkward for me as I'm not sure I can get my toes to my face anymore.  Hah. 

Anyway, overall, Grapefruit Fizz is a dud by itself, but will look great over any other pink, and I am in love with Watermelon Fizz!  I probably won't be doing my toes for a while 'cause this will be on it :)

Hope you guys had a great weekend! I'm in Tennessee now looking for a place to live, and I'll be back Thursday!

<3 Whitney

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