Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CG Ruby Pumps vs. ORLY Star Spangled

When I saw ORLY Star Spangled for $1 at a Sally's "damaged sale" I HAD to pick it up.  I hadn't actually tried my Ruby Pumps, yet, but I knew a lot of people really liked it, ORLY looked similar, and for a $1 I couldn't pass it up!

So without trying either of them, I decided to swatch them together because they look so similar in the bottle!  Here they are, together.  Please forgive my terrible clean up of these.  I'm embarrassed I didn't clean up better when I did this comparison a few days ago...red is hard to clean :) 

Also ignore my stained, non-polished thumb.  I didn't think it was necessary to paint at the time lol

Shade, bottles side by side

Sun, bottles side by side

Ew please don't stare at my pinky


Up close...

Up close again

So overall, they are pretty similar but I definitely wouldn't call them dupes.  The CG Ruby Pumps goes on flawlessly with 2 coats while ORLY Star Spangled needs 3 coats to look as opaque.  I would say that Ruby Pumps formula is better specifically for this reason.  The glitter is also much more dense with China Glaze than ORLY, I can really see why so many people like Ruby Pumps.

The color is pretty much exactly the same, CG might be slightly darker, and the prices are usually pretty similar, but based on the glitter density and the formula, I like China Glaze Ruby Pumps slightly better (2-coat polish FTW)!  I'm still pretty psyched I got the ORLY for $1, though! 

Do you guys have both of these polishes?? Which do you like better?

Hope you all had a great 4th!

<3 Whitney