Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pink Wednesday! CG Hyper Haute (+ epic disaster)

Soooo I got China Glaze Hyper Haute in a swap a while back and was so excited...however I haven't tried it until now!

Verdict: I LOVE it!  It's not as "holographic" as I had hoped but it's still gorgeous nonetheless.  However, I did have an epic disaster after applying this polish...I tend to not screw my lids on all the way until I'm done and was in a rush to leave the house after doing my nails.  I went to pick it up to put it away and since the lid wasn't on completely it fell onto the floor and rolled allllll around the bathroom pretty much spilling everywhere :( I must've emptied at least half of this polish!  Bummer sauce.  I also smudged my thumb and got it all over my hands while trying to clean it up. Epic fail.

Up close sparkle!!

I was running out the door, like I said, so I didn't get many pictures of this, but I wanted to show you all for Pink Wednesday!!

Not only was I happy about the color of THIS polish, I was thrilled that it's a 2-coater!  Those are always great :)  Not to mention, like most holo polishes, this one dried pretty quickly!  So great formula + 2 coater = SO mad I spilled so much of this, hah!

Did you guys pick up any other polishes from the CG Tronica collection?  This is the only one I've got...I saw Mega Bite at a supply store the other day and passed on it because it was pretty ugly in person, haha!

Welllll that's all for now.  Hope you guys are having a great day!

<3 Whitney