Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ojon 2 Minute Hair Mask Review!

Wowsers I feel like I haven't made a non-nail polish post in a while :)

BUT I wanted to tell you all about Ojon's 2-Minute Hair Mask!  I got this stuff from a giveaway a long time ago and have tried a few times and have been so enthralled with nail polish that I put off talking about it.  However, it's a great product and here's a couple pictures for you:

Here's what the big jar looks like

Inside you can see the consistency a bit can tell by the lid that it's been in my shower a while :)

Kind of lotion-looking

The consistency of the hair mask is a little thicker than lotion and feels more along the lines of body butter.  It's basically like a leave in conditioner, here's what the product claims it does:

"In just two minutes, you can transform dry, dehydrated hair into silky smooth, beautiful tresses! Specially formulated with pure Ojon oil and 9 exotic oils and butters, this replenishing mask treatment instantly restores your hair, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed, without weighing it down. " -- QVC Website

After using this product quite a few times I can vouch for it myself.  It works way better than normal conditioner and leaves your hair silky without looking greasy.  It was also silky smooth all day!  I normally leave in my conditioner while I wash or something, so this 2-minute thing wasn't an issue for me! 

Despite it working wonders I probably wouldn't buy this product again because it runs for about $30, which I think is too expensive for a leave-in conditioner!  Not to mention that the smell isn't very good (it kind of smells like old lady perfume), and I have this obsessive thing with my hair smelling nice.  Therefore I doubt I'd pay $30 for a product that didn't leave me confident in my hair smelling great! 

However, if you use other products to style your hair that would cover up the smell, and you're willing to shell out $30, this is something I'd suggest you try!  They have other formulas based on your hair type that are supposed to help restore your hair and make it smooth, so check them out!  You can buy their products at Ulta or online at their website!

That's all for now, folks :) Enjoy your weekend!

<3 Whitney