Saturday, July 16, 2011

Klean Color Chunky Holo Teal!

Did I leave you all DYING to see what I did over my matte Icing Mood Swing polish yesterday?  No?  Haha, I'm just kidding, I'm not good at cliff hangers. 

Anyhow, as you can tell by the title, I added Klean Color Chunky Holo Teal over top of it which not only made it shiny instead of matte, it also made it glittery!  I had a hard time taking pictures of it, but check them out anyway:

You can still kind of see the color changing polish still changes with a glitter top coat over top of it!  Some of the pictures don't do the Klean Color justice, you'll need to blow them up!

I added 2 coats of the Klean Color glitter over top which includes a holographic pink/purple/blue glitter suspended in a light blue clear jelly base.  It goes on real easy and in my opinion, it's not as hard as a normal glitter to get off.  It looks fabulous in the sun, but my camera just wouldn't get a good picture of it!  You can kind of see a small flash of different colors in the bottle in the last picture.  I feel like despite it being teal, this glitter may look better over a different color...or maybe I just needed more coats! 

I still liked how it spruced up my matte mani from yesterday, though :)

What do you guys think? Are you all for Klean Colors?

That's it for now!

<3 Whitney