Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bright Yellow! Zoya Pippa

Ahh Zoya Pippa is another polish that had been on my wishlist for foreverrrr!  I love, love love yellow and regardless of how it looks on me, I will continue to wear yellow polish, lol.

Check it out: 

Artificial Lighting
Oh goodness, I love this so much!  This is a perfect color for spring or summer, and I am super psyched to bring this with me when I go on vacation :)  Zoya Pippa is a lovely bright yellow cream.  It has kind of a thin formula and took 3 coats to become opaque.  Normally China Glaze Happy Go Lucky is my go-to yellow, but I think I'll be switching it to Zoya Pippa from now on!

I think I like this color so much because it reminds me of when I lived in Ohio.  This is similar to the color I had painted my room, lol.  It was kind of abrasive to others but I loved it and it made me happy when I was in there! I'll definitely be taking this with me next Saturday when I leave here for DISNEY!!!

Do you guys like yellow polish? I know it's kind of hit or miss with people, but if you're a yellow fan, I urge you to pick this up!

<3 Whitney