Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goood morning loves! Here's China Glaze Grape Juice

I've got a little salon around here getting rid of all their China Glaze and older OPI polishes, so they like to sell them to be super cheap, like 4 or 5 for $10, depending on who is working.  In my last haul I picked up a pretty purple from China Glaze called Grape Juice! 
I actually hadn't heard of this polish before and I'm glad I got it!  Check it out:

Kind of beat up label, but it was BN!

Artificial Light

So grape juice is a metallic-ish purple shimmer polish.  It looks pretty much the same in person as it does in pictures, it's a lighter purple with blue undertones that went on nicely in 2 coats.  The formula is decent and it's got enough shimmer in it to not make too watery or too thick like you can sometimes have with the CG creams.  I feel like this would be a pretty polish to stamp over, so when I feel so inclined as to try stamping again (my first time failed horribly), I'll probably dig this one out! 

Do you guys have Grape Juice?  I think it may be part of China Glaze's permanent collection, so check at Sally's if you're interested in picking it up!

<3 Whitney