Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elemental Styles 500 Follower + 1 Year Blogoversary Giveaway!!!!! ***CLOSED***

Okayyyyy so you had to know it was coming soon! :)

I've finally reached 500 followers (yahoo!), and I have been so excited to host this giveaway for a while! AND my Blogoversary is on April 1!!!  

I'm so appreciative of all of my followers--I thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog and supporting my Etsy shop!  (There are some potential future issues with my shop...but I'm not going to worry about it now, I'll explain it in another post!).  Thanks so much to all of you!

SO here's what one lucky winner can receive:

You can win: The five Finger Paints flakie polishes (Twisted, Motley, Flecked, Asylum, and Flashy)

oOOOh, they look boring in the bottle, but AWESOME on the nail!
AND (at least) two of my custom Elemental Styles Frankens: Iron Man-ia and Co-Balt of Lightning!

Iron Man-ia and Co-balt of Lightning...mixed by me, shaken up by the BF
I will be potentially adding more prizes and/or frankens to this giveaway once I get more supplies in :)  It may or may not be a polish or two from my upcoming collection ;) 

Here are the giveaway rules:

1) To enter you MUST be a follower via GFC.
2) This is open to ALL followers both national and international (if you are a non-USA follower, please be aware of your countries customs policies--I take no responsibility for polish removed by customs, so enter at your own risk)
3) Enter ONLY once, if you enter more than once you will be disqualified. Also normally I'm pretty lenient with entries, if you say you follow me on Facebook and it turns out you don't or you forgot, I've just been deleting one of your other valid entries and letting it slide.  Since I had so many invalid entries last time, you will be disqualified for ANY invalid entry.  So please, make sure what you say you did is true!  I hate disqualifying people, it makes me sad :(
4) **This giveaway is now closed!***

You get 1 automatic entry for being a GFC follower and filling out the form!  Here are some ways you can get additional entries into the contest:

-Follow @ElementalStyles on Twitter [1 entry]
-Tweet about the giveaway (provide a direct link!) [2 entries]
-Follow Elemental Styles on Facebook (provide Facebook name) [1 entry]
-Blog about the giveaway (on sidebar, giveaway page or blog entry--provide a direct link) [2 entries for a link, 3 entries if you use one of the pictures]
-Add Elemental Styles to your blog roll (provide a link please!) [1 entry]
-Check out my Etsy shop and tell me which polish you'd most like to try, and which is your favorite if you have any! [1 entry each]