Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NEW Color Club Magnetic Force in Hipnotic!

I hadn't been able to get my hands on any magnetic polishes until recently...okay, that's not true, I saw them at Icing and thought they were too expensive and didn't look that cool.  All lies, guys, all lies.  I want them all now, muwahaha! 

I recently ordered a handful of the China Glaze Capitol Colors off of Victoria Nail Supply and I figured since I was already paying for shipping there, I'd try one of the new Color Club magnetic polishes!  They've got 6 and since I'm a sucker for pinks I automatically was drawn towards Hipnotic.

Nowww in hindsight I probably should have practiced with the magnetic first on the hand I DON'T photograph, but I was just too excited!  Lookie lookie!

Hipnotic is a dark fuchsia polish that smooths on awesomely in just one coat.  The magnetic that comes with it (the whole big round lid is removable, the second lid/brush is underneath), is a wavy design that translates quite nicely to the nail, but mine are kind of nubbins right now...it'd look much better on longer nails. 

The directions tell you that while the polish is still wet, hold the magnetic as close to you can get to the nail without touching (there is a little barrier that helps you not hit your nail), for 15 seconds.  Once you pull the magnet away you have a cool wavy design in a lighter pink!  However, after a little while while the polish finishes drying, the design kind of spreads out...so what I'm THINKIN' is that maybe let the polish dry just a tad and THEN use the magnet.  What I did was paint one nail and then put the magnetic over it immediately, and since the polish was still pretty wet when I removed the magnet, it spread out a bit.  What do you guys think?  What's the best strategy for magnetics?

Overall, regardless, I love it.  I can't help but love one-coater polishes and since you don't have to add additional coats, you can spend your time playing with the magnet and get a cool nail-artsy manicure in no more time than it would take you to do a normal manicure!  Weee!  I'm so psyched I bought this and now I want more. 

Send me all your magnetixxxx! :)  No seriously...I will take them and give them a good home if you don't like them, lol.  Any application tips are appreciated as well!

<3 Whitney