Sunday, March 11, 2012

Julep Viola!

Happy Daylight Savings Day!  Did everyone set their clocks forward?  I actually can't believe it went by so fast since I set our clocks back...I just saw the other day that I missed the one in our guest bedroom and almost changed it until the BF told me that there were only a few more days before they switched again!  Cray-zay.

Before it's officially "spring" I've got one more dark wintery polish to show you: Julep Viola.

Viola is a deep purple-wine colored jelly with red undertones that looks purple in the bottle but appears nearly black n the nail after just two coats.  Initially after one coat, even though it wasn't totally opaque, you could still tell it was purple, but after two coats, it was hard to tell unless in direct sunlight.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting

Artificial can see a bit of purple in the bottle here
Even though Julep isn't my favorite brand, the formula on this jelly was pretty good.  And normally I'd be happy about a 2-coater, but I was bummed it seemed more black than purple.

I think I've actually got the hang of Julep polish application down now pretty decently.  Even though the brush is absurdly long and I normally have issues with a glob of polish running down the length of the brush and ruining the polish.  However, I found that if you get the timing down right, you can paint one nail and up to two or three more with the excess polish without dipping the brush back into the bottle.  So that was cool for me, haha.

Anyway, I like this polish more in the bottle, but it's just too dark for me to wear normally.  I've put this polish, among others, for sale on my blog sale, so you should check it out!  I recently added a few more polishes and lowered some prices!

<3 Whitney