Monday, March 5, 2012

Color Club Spring Colors!

Hello my lovelies!  Have you guys been to Ross lately?  Apparently they are selling some shiesty sets of Color Club polishes...I went there the other day looking for the new 2012 Blossoming Collection, and what I found was this:

Mysterrryyy Collection!

Now it says this is the Alter Ego collection, which came out last spring, but when I brought it home and looked it up, I found out that these are, in fact, not Alter Ego colors...or Blossoming colors :( BUT after some help from Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails, we deduced that at least 4 of these colors are from the Pardon My French collection (the 1,2,3, and 6th in the pic)!  SO here are the four we determined are from that collection:

First up: Au Naturale

I am still not 100% sure if this is Au Naturale or not, because Rebecca's swatches are a little more peachy, so if you know what it could be, let me know!  ANYWHO this ended up being quite a pretty color but the formula was very runny.  It took three coats to be opaque.  It looked streaky during application but after it dried it had spread out a little better.  I'd fight the crap formula to wear this again, though!  I also should mention that it dries slightly darker than it appears in the bottle.

Next up: Hot Couture

This pretty pink polish is Hot Couture.  This polish also took 3 coats to become opaque, and you can still see the ridges in some of my nails.  This formula was quite runny as well.  I did have some issues with bubbling on my index finger, but it might've been because I drug my hair through it while it was wet and globbed on a 4th coat to cover it up, haha.  It was very pigmented compared to Au Naturale and Pardon My French.  This polish also dries a little bit darker than it appears in the bottle.

Next: Pardon My French:

Pardon My French is a gorgeous light pink polish, but probably had the worst formula out of the four I'm reviewing here.  It was so watery and seemed streaky, but like Au Naturale, it actually smoothed out a lot (after 3 coats) while it was drying and you can't see the ridges in my nails like you could from Hot Couture.  This is such a light pink it appears kind of like a "nude" on my pasty untanned hands, lol.  After I applied it I immediately thought of Butter London's Teddy Girl (since the color and formula are similar) and thought I'd compare them real quick:

Color Club Pardon My French vs Butter London Teddy Girl
 As you can see they are quite similar, but Teddy Girl is a few shades lighter.  The formula's are quite similar as well, and I remember having a hard time applying Teddy Girl when I reviewed it last year.  However, with the $14 price tag of Butter London polishes, I'd gladly pick up Pardon My French instead, which comes in a set of 7 polishes for $8.

Last: Meet Me At My Chateau

This polish ended up having the best formula of the four.  It was still very thin, but it was also quiet pigmented and it only took 2 coats to become opaque.   This color is such a pretty robin's egg blue color that is perfect for spring.  I actually have nothing else like it in my collection, so I'm glad I picked up this set, even though it isn't what I expected it to be!

Have you guys seen any of these wacky sets at Ross lately?  There was more than one of the same mixed-up set at mine, so I imagine they're going around!  Let me know if you think I ID'ed any of these polishes incorrectly!

<3 Whitney