Sunday, March 4, 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colors: Harvest Moon and Fast Track!

Ahhhh I am SO excited for the China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection which is based on the book/movie Hunger Games, one of my favorite series of all time!

Initially I was going to pre-order this whole collection since I love the books so much, but my wallet is sad since I've spent so much money on frankening supplies, so I poured over swatches and decided I only needed 7 of the 12, haha!

Howeverrrrrrr when I went to Sally's the day it was supposed to be released, the display had been nearly wiped out and the only two they had I wanted were Harvest Moon and Fast Track!  I grabbed those and ordered the rest when I get the others that I want, I'll post those as well!

So here we go, first up Harvest Moon.

The first four pics are in natural lighting:

Artificial Lighting
Harvest Moon is a beautiful bronze/brown metallic polish.  Initially when I put on the first coat, I was quite disappointed because it seemed streaky and runny.  However, it evened out beautifully after the second coat and turned completely opaque!  I ended up really liking this color, even though metallic polishes aren't my favorite.  I heard great things about it and I'm very glad I listened and picked it up!

Next up: Fast Track!

Artificial Lighting
Artificial Lighting
Wow, okay, I think this may be my next go-to polish!  It only took two coats to become opaque, which is great for a nude!  Fast track is a great nude color packed with a dense gold shimmer.  Nudes don't really appeal to me much, I don't really have any nudes because you have to match them with your skin tone and I'm just iffy about it.  This one, however, ended up looking great with my undertones, and the gold shimmer gave it a great amount of unique-ness to it.  Even though it's got a shimmer to it, I'd be totally comfortable wearing this to work...or pretty much anywhere!

Have you guys picked up any of the Capitol Colors yet?!

<3 Whitney