Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Pretty Julep Polishes: Demi + Oscar

Hey ladiesssss.

I've got an interesting combo for you today.  I am still part of the Julep Maven program but I usually only get the box every other month or so because I'm never thrilled with the stuff in it.  The last box I received was Oscar's themed and came with a dark chocolate "Academy Award", two polishes (Demi and Oscar), and Julep Topcoat for Hair (which is what I really wanted).  Anywho, I always end up putting them on the back burner to try but I was in the mood for a red recently so I thought Demi would be perfect:

Demi is a dark red-wine jelly polish that is a must-have for any red fan.  I really am loving jellies more and more every time I get one to try because the formulas are always so good.  I wish I could find more in colors I love!  This jelly polish is super pigmented and only needed 2 coats for full coverage, but I think I could've just stuck to one if I had been in a hurry.  The only bad thing about this polish is that I had a hard time cleaning it up around my cuticles.  However, it didn't end up staining my nails really so I guess I just need to be more careful!

I decided to pair this polish with one coat of Julep Oscar: a gold glitter in a clear base and here's how it turned out:

Julep Oscar on its own: 3 coats.
I do like both of these polishes.  Oscar ended up being much easier to manage and not as thick as other Julep glitters I've tried.  Despite the great formulas, I already have a few similar colors in my stash (at least 2 other similar reds and 3+ gold glitters), and since I'm trying to purge my stash a little, I decided to put these up on my blog sale!  So if you like them, give 'em a looksie :)

<3 Whitney