Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Frankens by Yours Truly :)

Okayyyy so I don't know if this is mean or's not meant to be a teaser or anything, but I've got some frankens I want to show you that I made special for my mom for her birthday! 

Currently they have names based off my mom's name, Patti, but I haven't decided if I am going to re-name them into element polishes and sell them on Etsy or not.  Maybe if they get rave reviews I'd consider selling them but it's kind of sweet that my mom has two custom polishes that no one else has!  Not that she'd mind either way....

Anywho, first up: Patti Cake (sorry for the insane amount of pics in this post lol)

Patti Cake is a light peachy pink cream with a subtle holo-ness to it!  My mom is not into glitters, because she hates trying to remove them, but I wanted to spruce up a normal peachy pink, so I added some SpectraFlair and bam!  She hears me talk about how much I like holographic polishes, but I knew she'd want something more subtle so this is what I came up with!  AND it only takes 2 coats (correct me if I'm wrong, mom) for full coverage!

Next up: Crabby Patti (I couldn't resist the name...I thought of the name before I made the polish lol)

Crabby Patti is a red based polish that I added a holographic "diamond" powder to to give it just the right amount of shimmer without making it into a hard-to-remove glitter!  In the bottle when I was making it, I wasn't super thrilled about it, but once I put it on I LOVED it.  I even made myself a copy to have before I shipped them off to her, lol.  The shimmer looks awesome in the sun, if I do say so myself :D The best thing about this polish is that it's really a one coater!  I used two for pictures since I'm a sloppy polisher, but coat.  It's awesome.

SO overall, I thought this was a good idea for a bday present for my mommy :)  And she liked the names a lot lol.

What do you think of these ladies?  Should I put 'em up on Etsy?

<3 Whitney