Friday, March 30, 2012

Introducing my NEW franken collection: Actinides!

Helllllllo lovelies!  I guess my auto-posts ran out earlier this week, lol.  I've been super busy making polishes all week I haven't had time to update even though I've had a bunch of pictures ready for a while! 

BUT I'm going to show you my new collection which I JUST posted on Etsy!  SO if you like these and want them get on over to my Etsy shop because they're actually selling pretty quickly!  I've also started making MINI bottles and I'm now shipping to CANADA! 

First: Actin-ium My Age

Actin-ium My Age is a purple holographic polish with holographic silver glitter, iridescent glitter, and large and small purple glitters! It looks amazing on the nail in the sun, and provides full coverage in 2 coats (although photograph show polish with 3 coats). It's named for the 89th element: actinium!

Next: Yellow Cake

Yellow Cake is a yellow-based semi-textured polish that includes some fine yellow and white glitters! And it glows in the dark! This polish goes on opaque in 2-3 coats (photos shown with three and no top coat), and dries a little matte (I wouldn't call it a matte polish, but it's not super shiny either!). This polish is named for a form of uranium oxide nicknamed yellow cake, uranium being the 92nd element! 

 Next: King Neptunium

King Neptunium is a teal-based polish that includes fine blue, green, and teal hex glitter along with small silver holographic and large hex silver glitters! This polish goes on opaque in 3 coats (photos shown with three and no top coat). This polish is named for the 93rd element, neptunium, and is a reference to the Roman god of the sea, Neptune. Also if you're a history nerd like me you might have heard of King Neptune, the pig navy mascot used during WW2 to sell war bonds :)

Next: Plutonium's No Longer a Planet

Plutonium's No Longer a Planet (mouthful name, I know!) is a blue-based semi-textured polish that includes some fine teal and blue hex glitter along with a bit of blue bar glitter! It also glows in the dark! This polish goes on opaque in 2-3 coats (photos shown with three and no top coat), and dries a little matte (I wouldn't call it a matte polish, but it's not super shiny either!). This polish is named for the 94nd element, plutonium, and is a shout-out to our old retired planet, Pluto!

LAST and certainly NOT least: E=mc^2

E=mc^2 is a light grey based polish that includes various sizes of black and silver hex glitters! This polish goes on opaque in just 2 coats (first 3 photos show 2 coats, last one on a nail wheel shows 3 coats) and is named for the 99th element einsteinium!

Einstein is one my my favorite scientists ever and I wanted to make a cool white/grey based polish with black glitter to honor his crazy hair!

I hope you guys like my new ones I copied my descriptions directly from Etsy so I could update this real fast for all of you!  If there is a polish that you'd like that I am sold out of, shoot me an e-mail at and I'll get down to my laboratory and try and mix up some more to stock asap :)  I'd like to get an idea on how many more I need to make!

Thanks for all your support, ladies! And don't forget about my giveaway, I can't believe I'm over 600 followers now!

<3 Whitney

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goood morning loves! Here's China Glaze Grape Juice

I've got a little salon around here getting rid of all their China Glaze and older OPI polishes, so they like to sell them to be super cheap, like 4 or 5 for $10, depending on who is working.  In my last haul I picked up a pretty purple from China Glaze called Grape Juice! 
I actually hadn't heard of this polish before and I'm glad I got it!  Check it out:

Kind of beat up label, but it was BN!

Artificial Light

So grape juice is a metallic-ish purple shimmer polish.  It looks pretty much the same in person as it does in pictures, it's a lighter purple with blue undertones that went on nicely in 2 coats.  The formula is decent and it's got enough shimmer in it to not make too watery or too thick like you can sometimes have with the CG creams.  I feel like this would be a pretty polish to stamp over, so when I feel so inclined as to try stamping again (my first time failed horribly), I'll probably dig this one out! 

Do you guys have Grape Juice?  I think it may be part of China Glaze's permanent collection, so check at Sally's if you're interested in picking it up!

<3 Whitney

Friday, March 23, 2012

OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous!

Wee!  Hope you all are doing well!

I finally got my hands on OPI's Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous recently from a polish-swap group I'm in on Facebook called Polished Panda!  It's been on my wishlist for quite some time, so I was lucky to get it!  I believe it's part of the permanent line, though!

Artificial Lighting

Artificial Lighting

Lucerne-tainly Look Marveous is a dark charcoal metallic polish that went on perfectly in 2 coats.  The formula is excellent, like most OPI polishes.  I was surprised how shimmery this polish looked in certain lighting, rather than metallic.  I really liked it!  Thanks Wendy for getting this great polish to add to my collection ;)

Do you guys have this polish??

<3 Whitney

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Frankens by Yours Truly :)

Okayyyy so I don't know if this is mean or's not meant to be a teaser or anything, but I've got some frankens I want to show you that I made special for my mom for her birthday! 

Currently they have names based off my mom's name, Patti, but I haven't decided if I am going to re-name them into element polishes and sell them on Etsy or not.  Maybe if they get rave reviews I'd consider selling them but it's kind of sweet that my mom has two custom polishes that no one else has!  Not that she'd mind either way....

Anywho, first up: Patti Cake (sorry for the insane amount of pics in this post lol)

Patti Cake is a light peachy pink cream with a subtle holo-ness to it!  My mom is not into glitters, because she hates trying to remove them, but I wanted to spruce up a normal peachy pink, so I added some SpectraFlair and bam!  She hears me talk about how much I like holographic polishes, but I knew she'd want something more subtle so this is what I came up with!  AND it only takes 2 coats (correct me if I'm wrong, mom) for full coverage!

Next up: Crabby Patti (I couldn't resist the name...I thought of the name before I made the polish lol)

Crabby Patti is a red based polish that I added a holographic "diamond" powder to to give it just the right amount of shimmer without making it into a hard-to-remove glitter!  In the bottle when I was making it, I wasn't super thrilled about it, but once I put it on I LOVED it.  I even made myself a copy to have before I shipped them off to her, lol.  The shimmer looks awesome in the sun, if I do say so myself :D The best thing about this polish is that it's really a one coater!  I used two for pictures since I'm a sloppy polisher, but coat.  It's awesome.

SO overall, I thought this was a good idea for a bday present for my mommy :)  And she liked the names a lot lol.

What do you think of these ladies?  Should I put 'em up on Etsy?

<3 Whitney

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Mondayyyyy: ICING Twilight!

Hi pretties!

I have a hard time resisting a nice black glitter.  I think it's my weakness.  I'll probably end up frankening one myself when I find a good black glitter that doesn't bleed.  In Icing Twilight's case it's not the glitter pieces that are black, it's the base, but I love it nonetheless.

Artificial Lighting

Artificial Lighting

Twilight is a black jelly/cream based polish packed full of fine holographic silver glitters.  I think it'd be a great polish to use when doing an "outerspace" themed manicure.  It just looks like the night sky plastered on your nail!  The formula for this polish had a good consistency and went on more like a cream than it did a glitter, which was excellent.  It also only needed 2 coats for full coverage. 

I only have a couple other Icing polishes, and I really like all of them, but this one is probably my favorite!  Have you guys tried this one or picked it up yet?

<3 Whitney

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Zoya Ivankaaaa!

Top of the morning to you!  :) Happy St. Patrick's Day lovelies!  I've got a GREAT green to show you today!

A few days ago I told you guys I picked up Zoya Ivanka when I got Charla, and even though Charla wins in my book hands down, Ivanka is still a very pretty color that I'm glad I purchased!

It's another one of those polishes I was a little late on picking up, so if you're like me, I'd add this to your wishlist next time Zoya has a sale :)

Artificial Light
Initially by the picture, I thought this polish was going to be similar to Zoya Apple (hehee that links to the 31 day challenge I realize I never finished...), but it's much more vibrant than Apple when I compare them.  Not to mention that Ivanka has the obvious green/teal/gold duochrome that Apple just doesn't have.  The only thing similar is their shimmer!  Ivanka is very much a "jeweled" shade of green that has a certain vibrancy to it that really appeals to me.  The formula is a little less opaque than Charla, which only needs 2 coats, and needs at least 2 coats for full coverage, but I preferred 3, at least on most nails. 

Do you guys own Charla and Ivanka?  Or any others from the Sparkle Collection?  I have Gilda, the pink one from that collection, that I got off a blogsale a while back, but still have never tried!  Whoops!  Maybe with the success of Charla and Ivanka I'll put it closer to the top of my list of polishes to try :)

<3 Whitney

Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Pretty Julep Polishes: Demi + Oscar

Hey ladiesssss.

I've got an interesting combo for you today.  I am still part of the Julep Maven program but I usually only get the box every other month or so because I'm never thrilled with the stuff in it.  The last box I received was Oscar's themed and came with a dark chocolate "Academy Award", two polishes (Demi and Oscar), and Julep Topcoat for Hair (which is what I really wanted).  Anywho, I always end up putting them on the back burner to try but I was in the mood for a red recently so I thought Demi would be perfect:

Demi is a dark red-wine jelly polish that is a must-have for any red fan.  I really am loving jellies more and more every time I get one to try because the formulas are always so good.  I wish I could find more in colors I love!  This jelly polish is super pigmented and only needed 2 coats for full coverage, but I think I could've just stuck to one if I had been in a hurry.  The only bad thing about this polish is that I had a hard time cleaning it up around my cuticles.  However, it didn't end up staining my nails really so I guess I just need to be more careful!

I decided to pair this polish with one coat of Julep Oscar: a gold glitter in a clear base and here's how it turned out:

Julep Oscar on its own: 3 coats.
I do like both of these polishes.  Oscar ended up being much easier to manage and not as thick as other Julep glitters I've tried.  Despite the great formulas, I already have a few similar colors in my stash (at least 2 other similar reds and 3+ gold glitters), and since I'm trying to purge my stash a little, I decided to put these up on my blog sale!  So if you like them, give 'em a looksie :)

<3 Whitney